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Wing Chun Do - Level 2 White Sash (Physical)


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Open Bi Jong

1. Used outside Kill Range
2. Shows no sign of readiness
3. Mental and Visual Focus
4. Can move in any direction
Closed Bi Jong
1. Used inside the Kill Range
2. Close all perimeters
3. Full attack mode
4. Single unit movement
Shadow Closing
(Applied Closed Bi Jong)
Exercise to develop constant, controlled, offensive pressure against opponent.
DEMONSTRATE: Straight-line stop start
Double Chung Choie/Double Direct Close
Independent hand & foot action
LSDD Closing
In mirror: Taun Sao, Pak Sao, Goang Sao, DJ w/ Chung Choie & Closing step ALSO Central-axis spin
Double Bong Sao/Double Fook Sao
Good Bridge, hit with converge at top of rotation
Bong Sao Centerline Drill
Secondary punches to head. Execute BS then pass across centerline. Keep a good bridge and spring load throughout.
Fook Sao
Blind Line entry, check arm, Slip to jolt opp's wrist, elbow toward centerline, forearm toward parallel to floor.
Evasive Shadow Closing(one step)
Switching lead foot and hand, heel pivot/toe-push, Snap centerline toward new direction
Primary Kicks (Applied)
Demonstrate w/ recovery to exercise CBJ
Hooking Kick Inner & Outer
Kick to inside or outside of opp's leg. Pivot hips for power. Don't turn centerline.
Taun Sao/Goang Sao/Pak Sao Exercise
Reading Exercise
Boxing Drills
Acquired skill essential for good secondary work: jab, double jab, cross, hook, bob & weave
Sting Strike
Strike Surface only. Practice full extension for natural recoil and concussion.
Palm Washing
Full palm conformity/peripheral motion exercise
Wu Sao
Hand/Arm Position shuts down the opponent's strike lines (from his elbow to your head)
Spring Step
Alternate Spring Step side-to-side, forward-backward & 3 closing steps

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