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Hindu book
Buddhist Noble truths
1-life is suffering 2-suffering is due to attachment 3-attachment can be overcome by spiritual perfection 4-there is a path for accomplishing this
5 pillars of Islam
1- declaration of Faith 2- Pray 5 times a day 3- fasting between dawn and dusk during Ramadan 4- pilgramage 5- charity
Buddhist book
Jewish beliefs
do good, charity is required; no heaven
Hindu founded
in/around India; no known founder. Sages 4000 years ago founded it
Islam Gods
God; mohammad is prophet
Christianity beliefs
born with original sin; Jesus is son of god
Judaism founded
Abraham founded, rabbi leads it; based in middle east
Buddhist gods
polytheistic, Buddah is icon, not god
Islam Founded
Mohammad 520 AD in Mecca
Buddhism founded
Asia; founded 520 BC by prince buddha; lead by orange and red-robed monks
Islam book
belief in one god
Hindu gods
polytheistic- Brahman is the main god. 33 gods, 3 groups of 11
Jewish book
Torah, Talmud
belief in multiple gods
Judaism supreme beings
1st monotheistic religion; Yaweh, Adonai
Hindu Beliefs
caste system-preists, warriors, merchants, commoners, untouchables

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