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Wes Civ II (D)


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Mendicant Orders
monks without a cloister in response to heretic uprisings. Traveled to correct abuses and get gospel out there
John Calvin
predestination, callings not just in church but service in world, impact on middle class (reverance, chastity, sobriety, frugality, industry, honesty)
she supported him, he wrote of her nad her story, had a happy ending
Gustavus Adophus
Marched into Germany declaring protestant cause. HIs army made Sweden the supreme power of northern Europe
dominated human world. Wanted peaceful and unified Christendom w/charity and good works
important, usually connected to relic viewings
Religion of love
love is a combination of behavior statements and actions that create sentiment. Not sexual, based off humility, the god amor
Praise of Folly
Erasmus- the satire of what is believed and actually done. Always wants moderation, no line drawing.
economic system related to feudalism
Catherine Parr
Last wife of Henry VIII, survived him and took care of Elizabeth
payment for salvation or decrease of years in purgatory
where saints were buried, people were recognized for holiness. Could be prayed to for specifc things
Ignatius Loyola
Military injury, reflected on life resulfted in Mysticism "mystical illumination" relived passion, imagined joys of heaven and torments of hell
vassals, etc. political and military system. Dispersal of political power into hands of localized elites, combined w/military obligations. fiiled gap after roman empire
Edict of Nantes
After Henry II, Henry of Navarre took throne, he became Henry III publically embraced Catholicism, drove out Catholic opposition and spanish. Edict of Nantes is peace treaty with Spain, granted Huguenots great religious toleration
protestants in france, persecuted
Great Schism
separated greek orthodox and Roman Catholic. Clash between churches and church leaders
Council of Trent
three assemblies over 18 years defined doctrines and corrected abuses of RCC. Major reforms: faith and works necessary, defended seven sacraments, rites, rituals, and priesthood reaffirmed
Henry VII
rationalized his divorce (brother's wife) wanted to marry Anne Bolyn. Established English channel, wives (six and a lover)
Courting and love in feudalism
Young women married to old lords, whose young knights would court for her silent affection through chivalry
English reformation, struggle for the throne
at first Henry VIII was against reformation and sided w/Pope, but he wanted to divorce his wife, made him head of Angelican church
Elizabeth-challenges of reign
needed heir, but marriage lessened power, needed politicians to follow without losing masculinity, needed identity, but how w/o offending social morses
society of Jesus, military order and discipline four vows (chastity, poverty, obedience, loyalty to pope). Against protestants, ruthless, despised by Catholics and protestants
Love literature
Lancelot (1st love poem), Romance of the Rose (most successful medieval lit
Francis I
Spanish captured Francis (Italian wars) so he signed treaty, but cancelled it when he arrived back in France. Conflict arose again. Francis tolerated protestants until the affair of the placards and catholics, then the protestants were given toleration
Elizabeth I
virgin queen, became facilitator of church but not head (men), learned to control parliament, defeated spanish Armada
CS Lewis thoughts of love
"a service of love modeled on the service which a feudal vassal owes his lord"
Defenestration of Prague, 1618
Czech protestants attack the catholic deputies sent to disband their meeting. Attackers about to throw catholics out the windows of the royal castle
Earl of Leicester (Robert Dudley)
master of the horse. Wooed queen, had an affain w/her in her 20's
Gender and sex in Early modern Europe
blood/sanguine (passion, happy), Choleric (waste), yellow bile (templer), melancholy (hunger and black bile) sad, phlegm (cold and moist) unemotional

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