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World Civ. Midterm


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What are the humanist and the Biblical Christian worldviews?
Humanist: Man Centered
Biblical: God Centered
What is the Biblical View of History? What does Providential mean?
"His Story"
-The care and superindendence that God has over existence-sustainers of life.
What is uniformitarianism?
What is Catastrophism?
-Geological processes have always occured in the same way.
-Geological processes are results of catastrophic events.
Mesopotamian Civilizations:
-oldest known civilization; contained ziggurats(massive terraced tower made of rubble); pictographs; polytheistic; Gilgamesh(king, beloved, looked for immortality)
Mesopotamian Civilizations:
-Modern day Baghdad; Hammurabi (greatest king, codifying of the law); King Nebuchadrezzar (hanging gardens of Babylon, wall around city)
Mesopotamian Civilizations:
-Merchants (sea-faring businessmen, wealthy); 26-letter alphabet; polytheistic
Mesopotamian Civilizations:
-Iron (1st to use); introduced war chariots
Mesopotamian Civilizations:
-"War-like" society; capital:Ninevah; reigned by terror; defeated b/c they ran out of men; King of Kings
Mesopotamian Civilizations:
-Reigned by reasonable treatment; location, location, location; monarchy; polythestic; Ramses II; Moses led religion revo.; King Tut; obelisk
Isreal, kings:
-Saul: 1st King
-David: 2nd warrior king
-Solomon: Wise King-built temple
What are city states?
polis-Greek word for city, nation and church; Athens, Solon, etc.
What was Ionia?
-region, contact w/ mesopotamians
When was the Golden Age of Greece?
-Between the Persian Wars and the Pelloponnesian War
What was Greek Philosophy's creed?
"Man is the measure..."
Who were the Sophists and what were they about?
-No absolutes, truth is relative; Socrates-higher truth; Aristotle-Plato's student, "nothing in excess"; Stoics-"simple life"; Epicurians-Life is to enjoy
The Republic:
-The Patricians
Contained the Senate: upper class reps. elected; Contained the Consuls (elected by Senate, 2 consuls)& dictator(1 consul, in time of war only)
The Republic:
Contained the Tribunes (Plebian gov't Reps) & Veto
Describe the Punic Wars
Rome vs. Carthage; Cato-"Carthage must be destroyed!"; Hannibal-led army, used elephants
What was Caesar called?
"Father of His Country"; Pontifus Maximus; also wore the purple robe
Describe the emperors during Pax Romana
-Nero: when rome burned, blamed Christians
-Caligula: considered insane(senator horse)
-Hadrian-directed the building of Parthenon
-Diocletian:most wicked, lit Christians on fire
-Constantine: made Christianity legal
Describe the invasion of the Barbarians...who was involved?
-Visigoths: wanted peace w/Rome, Rome attacked them
-Ostrogoths: last to invade Rome, took over in 476
-Vandals:destroy for no reason
Who was the last Emperor?
Romulus Augustus
Who wrote "The City of God"? and defended Christianity?
Describe the organization of the Christian Church.
-Decons: widows, orphans
-Elders: taught Word and provided leadership in local churches
-Bishop: overseers of local church
Who was the first Christian martyr?
Decribe what the Arians taught and what they came up with (what creed?).
Taught that Jesus was not God, 7th Day Advents; Nicaean Creed
What is monasticism?
Escape from society
Sum up the Bible.
-OT: 39 books, Hebrew, 1st 5:Pentateuch
-NT: 27, Greek (some aramaic)
-Gospels:story of Jesus'life
-Acts: history of the Early Church
-Pauline Epistles-Paul's Letters
-History to be taken literally
The Roman Church was the agency for what?
...rebuilding the West.
Germanic tribes built the first what?
Permanent States
Describe the Franks...who, what happened?
Clovis-leader, conquered most of western Europe. Pepsin's grandson-Charlemagne, coronated emperor
The Feudal System-how does it work?
Land for personal service
England info.
-saxons defeated Celts
-Vikings raided England continuosly
-Alfred(only "Great")defeated them. -Chivalry:courtesy, honesty, bravery
-Knights:nobles, medieval soldiers
Kings of England:
-King William: claimed all of England as his personal property
-Henry II: made nobles tear down their castles
-King John-Magna Carta-rights to life, liberty, property
-King Edward: forced the Scots to fight the English Army
Kings of France:
-Hugh Capet: weak, starts hereditary
-Phillip II: recaptured English, appointed beurocrates
-LouisIX: "St. Louis", avoidance with war
-Philip IX-power hungry, Knights Templar
-Pope Boniface-papal bull
Describe the Black Death.
bubonic plague, horrifying death; spread by fleas on rats
Describe the 100 years war.
-fought in France, drove england from continent. france developed superior weapons
Describe the War of Roses.
-King w/ no heir; Duke of York plucked white rose, Lancaster red rose, civil war began. almost wiped out nobility; envoked parliament
What events/who drove out the Muslims from Spain?
Ferdinand of Castille marries Isabella, Queen of Aragon, forming a United Spain.
What was the Spanish Inquisition?
an effort to locate and persecute subjects of spain not loyal to the Catholic Church.
Why did Italy welcome despots?
Anarchy gave way to totalitarianism

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