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Christian Doctrine Exam 3


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What is sin?
any action or thought contrary to the parameters which God has set for humankind. These boundaries are set for us in the Bible.
What three aspects in our character allows us to sin?
sensuality, pride, and selfishness
What is sin the displacement of?
Sin is the displacement of God = any areas of life when God is taken out of the picture you are in sin. This is the source of all sins.
The work of Christ is broken into what 2 sections?
1. His humiliation = redemption

2. His exaltation = salvation
Define God's providence
the continuing action of God in whcih he perserves in existence the creation he has brought into being and guides to his intended purposes.
What is the ransom theory of atonement?
this theory dominated the church's thinking unitl the middle ages. The earliest propent was Origin. The key was Paul's statement: we have been bought with a price. Origin asks for whom were we bought? We were bought from the one to whom we have become servants, Satan. Mark 10:45 indicates that Jesus has come to offer his life as a ransom for many. Satan believed that if he had the blood of JC, he could hold God captive, but he ultimately could not. Thus each individual has a choice: to live a christ like life or sell themselves into slavery to Satan.
What is the staisfaction theory of the atonement?
Developed by Anselm. Was based on the social system of feudalism: humankind or serfs offended God. They stole from God his honor through their sinfulness. The only way the serfs could rectify this was they had to restore God's honor. The only being who could do this had to be a human being and also had to be God, thus JC.
Salvation triangle:

propitiation justification

Jesus expiation man

JC gave his life as a proitiation (payment). Whe he died, his death expiated (annuled) our sin. As a result we receive justification = we are not guilty in God's court of law. We either accept what JC has done or we pass.
What is the Socinian theory of the atonment?
it is most identifed by Unitarians. God is not a god of retributive justice (pays you back for what you have done). The deat of JC was the supreme example of what God requires. What God requires sin in Micah 6:8 = we are to act justly, mercily, and humbly with God: JC is the supreme example. Jesus was crucified and buried and is still dead and buried.
What is the moral influence theory of the atonment?
developed in America by Horace Bushnell in the mid 19th century. He was a minister in Cincinnati Ohio. It was a stell town and most the population lived in intolerable living conditions. Horace saw that the problem was that people did not even know simple Bible stories. Thus he hired people to teach children stories, developing sunday school. With regard to atonment: humans have to get over the idea that God is mad at us. We must attach ourself to JC as our moral influence, which will bring us eternal life with God. Bushnell was very supportive of social changes and the equality of women.
John 3 and conversion
Nicademus comes to Jesus at night and asks him how one gains salvation. JC responds with the idea that we need to be "born again": we need to convert.
What are the aspects of conversion?
1. There must be repentance from sin = turning away from sin. It begins with a God-like sorrow and a dtermination to not do it again.

2. Faith = giving up your rights. It is agreeing to certain intellectual beliefs: JC was our subsistitute on the cross and was God incarnate.
What is sanctification?
the process by which you come ever more Christ-like. It is a work of growth. God invites us to be more like Christ.
Which spiritual gifts are laid out in Romans 12:6-11
prophecy, service, teaching, exhortatoin, liberality, giving aid, acts of mercy
What spirit gifts are laid out in 1 corinthians 12:4-11
wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, working of miracles, prophecy, speaking in tongues and its interpretation
What spiritual gifts are laid out in Ephesians 4:11
apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers
What spiritual gifts are laid out in 1 Peter 4:11
speaking and service
How does one figure out what spiritual gifts they have?
prayer and examining what you are good at
what does Paul say about speaking in tongues?
Paul says that someone needs to interpret it in order for it to be valid.
What is ecclesiology
the doctrine of the church
what are the historic marks of the church?
the church is one, holy, catholic, and apostolic.
Explain how the church is one
the church is one in Jesus. Everyone who is a believer is a part of this. Whiteman says that our greatest sin today is the different sects which has created division.
explain how the church is holy
holy in that we are set apart from sin. Thus the church has to be set apart from sin. God the Father wears glasses with red tint representing JC's blood: so that we are seen as holy because our sin has been paid for.
explain how the church is catholic
the church is catholic in that it is universal. It encompases all believers, past, present and future
Explain how the church is apostolic
1. Roman catholics say the rock which JC built as his church was Peter. (Matthew 16). Protestants say the rock was all the apostales but together.

2. Apostolic successsion: Paul trained timothy so that he will train others to come after him.
the sacraments are a visible sign of what?
they are a visible sign of an invisible grace
What are the 2 sacraments of the early church?
1. baptism: which was performed once a year on easter sunday.Previous o this JC's teaching was taught 8 days prior. The Roman catholic churhc in the 4th century moved toward infant baptism where the infant is cleansed of original sin and brought into the catholic church. It is an act of salvation. during the refromation, the roman catholic church said infant baptism had to occur within the first 8 days of birth. In the modern protestant church the mode of baptism is through an adult. It is a sign of conversion. The person is committing themselves to grow in JC.

2. the eucharist: the roman catholic church asserts transubstantiation = a change in substance, the bread and wine actually turn into Christ's body which gives them what they need to live a good christian life for the rest of the week. The Lutheran church asserts consubstantiation in which JC is with, above, under and beside the bread and wine.

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