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science test CH. 16


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what state in the U.S has evidence that glaciers once covered it
new york
what type of mountain is stone mountain of georgia an example of
what do closely spaced conture lines indicateon a map
steep slope
what is the name 4 a syncline that involves a large area
what is the name for broad flat topped hills remaining after extinsive erosion
where do island arcs and volcanoes often appear in relation to tectonic plates
subduction zones
what location is th emost exstincive mountain system on the earth
mid-atlantic Ridge
what is a large area of flat elevated land
what r wind-deposited hills of sand called
sand dunes
what is a moutain
a natural elevation of the earth's surface rising more or less abruptly to a summit
what is the major difference between a hill and a moutain
there height
what is the highest moutain in the world
mt. everest
what type of mountain is built up from igneous materials released from a vent
what r elongated, streamlineed hills deposited by glaciers
what is the moutain with the highest elevation in the 48 adjoining states
mt. whitney
where can mountains be found
where is most of mauna kea height
under the ocean's surface
when is it likely that the erosional process that formed buttes and mesas occured
what r the 4 types of mountains we disussed in this chapter
fault-block, fold, erosional,depositional (mountains)
what do conture lineson relief maps indicate
equal elevation
what type of region would you expect to have the greatest relief
mountains and valleys
what is the highest moutain in north america
mt. mckinley
is the actual height of mauna kea greater or less than that of mount everest
from which mountain did Jesus leave the earth, and will return to
mt. of olives
does the geosyncline theory accurately explain the folded layers of sedimentary rock
is the strata found in the center of an eroded dome younger or older than that found around it
the theory that describes the continents as broken pieces of shell floating on liquid interior
continental drift theory
who was the first person to reach the roof of the world
sir edmund hilary
what r 3 forms of erosional mountains we discussed in this chapter

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