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burnside test dec. 18


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What were the Inns called?
What were the five special items King Herod constructed?
the temple, Caeserea, Antonia, Macada, Herodium
Who ran the temple?
High priest
When did King Herod the great die?
3 years after the birth of Jesus
information on Caesarea and Antonia-
Caesarea- first man made harbour... Antonia- Roman fortress
How many wise men were there?
Where were Inns located?
along main roads
What was a procturator?
in ancient rome it was one in charge of imperial revenues espcially in a province
What would happen to the animal?
it would be sacrificed
what happened at the synogogues?
What happened at the temple?
What did Jospeh have to do before entering the temple?
be purified in a ritual bath
how many synogogues were there?
What line of work were the wisemen in?
soothsayers, astrologers, seers
Where do the wisemen come from?
The East (Persia or India)
What is said about shepherds?
job has not changed
What happened in 7 B.C- planetary conjuction
Jupiter and Satern came close
information on Macada-
jewish fortress, two palaces
the ritual bath was called?
if a woman committed adultery what would happen to her?
she would be stoned to death
What structure did Herod want to outdo?
The Temple of Solomon
The wisemen were also called...
How many temples were there?
Pontius Pilate rule?
26-36 A.D
Does anyone really no where Jesus was born?
Who were the three wisemen in the scripture?
Gaspar, melchior, balthasar
Where was temple?
why did no one draw Jesus?
graven images were forbidden
When did herod start building the temple?
more than a decade before the birht of Jesus
The modern calender was off by how many years?
7 years
How many days after the birth of Jesus could mary could participate in any religious site?
40 days
Does anyone know what Jesus truly looked like?
information on herodium
jewish fortress, palace in a crater, herod's tomb
information on the temple
outdoes temple of SOlomon, destroyed in 70 A.D by the romans, wailing wall is all that remains
Who were herod's three sons?
Philip, Archalaus, Harod antipas
What language did Jesus probably speak?
engagement that lasted about a year
What is the significance of the sacrifice?
said that everyhting belonged to God
main furnitture at the synongogues?
How many days did it take to travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem?
five days
What passed close to the earth in about 12 B.C?
Hailey's comet
who ran the synogogues?
what would happen after 8 days (in keeping the Mosaic Law)
the baby would be circumcized
this is the contract that said if a woman was divorced or widowed she would recieved money
main furniture at teh temple?
When did herod's death occur? year
4 B.C
Where were the synogogues?

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