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Intro to New Testament, Test 2


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for what purpose does the writer of the gospel of matthew quote the old testament so many times?
to demonstrate that Jesus was fulfilling all the requirements (prophecies) of the jewish Messiah
in what sense, as seen in the highlighted section of the passage below, is Jesus the son of david and abraham? that is, what did the writer of matthew mean by this phrase?

- the book of geneology of Jesus Christ, the sons of David, the son of
he meant that Jesus was a fulfillment to the promises God made to david and abraham, that the Messiah would be in the ir familt and the Messiah would come to the world thought ht enation Abraham fathered.
of what significance are the magi and the star in the telling of the birth of Jesus according to the Gospel of Matthew?
that Jesus was a universal Messiah, equally important to both gentile and Jew, and that His birth had celestial ramifications.
five times the Gospel of Matthew uese the summary term "and when Jesus finished these sayings/parables/etc." of what significance to the structure and purpose of the Gospel of Matthew are these five summary statements?
to reflect the 5-section structure of the Torah.
in the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7 Jesus states that "you righteousness (dikaiosune)" must exceed the righteousness of the Pharisees in order to be members of the Kingdom of Heaven. What is the proper interpretation of that statement?
the only righteousness that will get you into the kingdom of Heaven is the righteousness that God Himself gives you. the Pharisees thought they could earn it by themselves, but Jesus taught that this was not true.
explain the meaning of the following teaching of Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount, as well as the way Jesus arrives at this teaching.
- you have not heard that it was said, "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth." but I say to you,
Jesus goes straight to the intention of the law. "an eye for an eye" means that, but this ends the violence and establishes Kingdom ethics.
in Matthew 5:48 Jesus commanded the following: "you, therefore, must be perfect, as your heavenly father is perfect." explain the meaning of "perfect" here.
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also in the Sermon on the Mount Jesus taught people to pray using the so-called "Lord's Prayer." for what does one pray in using that prayer?
one prays for the Kingdom of Heaven to be near, and to be ready when the end comes.
What is shown by the fact that Jesus predicted his arrest and death?
that it was planned and intentional.
what was the official'legal charge against Jesus by the romans, which led to his being sentences to death?
explain the use of the following words spoken by Jesus while on e the cross: "my God! my God! why have You forsaken Me?"
It is a lament psalm, where the author questions God, then sees an answer showing that God is still there and had never left.
what did the death of Jesus accomplish, as shown by the Gospel of Matthew?
the death of Jesus brought abvout the Kingdom of Heaven.
explain the symbolism of the torn curtain in the Temple at the death of Jesus.
it symbolizes that through Christ's deaht, the presnce of God is no longer confined to the back room of the temple. God's presence is now everywhere and among everyone.
what does the resurrection of Jesus show, as the Gospel of Matthew reports it?
His death vindicated His life. Jesus had to die to make his life take on the meaning that it did. he had to rise from the dead to take His place as the true Messiah.
What is the general audience and overall purpose of the Gospel of Matthew?
the general audience is the church. it tells the church how to live in the Kingdom of Heaven, and it tells them of the task it must do until the end comes.
what is the general, overall purpose of the Gospel of Mark?
the purpose of Mark was to show that the death of Jesus was the key to His life, and to encourage believers to be ready for the end at all times.
what is the meaning of the title "Son of Man" as it is found in the Gospel of Mark?
It means one who controls the power of God, but it is also a term for "messiah."
according to the Gospel of Mark, was Jesus the Messiah? defend your answer.

Mark believed that His death and resurrection proved beyond a doubt that Jesus was the messiah. Along with His teachings and actions, His triumphant resurrection makes Him so.
According to the gospel of Mark how is one to gain an understanding of who Jesus really is?
By understanding the significance of His death on the cross and the resulting kingdom.
Explain the importance of the following often-repeated command by Jesus as it is found in the Gospel of Mark: "be silent!"
the importance of Jesus telling other to "be silent" is to keep people from knowing that He is the Messiah and what He is doing too early. because the romans would kill anyone who was considered or called themselves a Messiah because they were considered revolutionaries. it is also part of the Messianic Secret.
what is meant by the term "messianic secret" in realtion to the gospel of Mark? AND why is the secret in the Gospel of Mark?
the Messianic Secret refers to the number of times when Jesus desired His actions to not be known, such as the healing of the leper. Mark wanted to pull the reader along to what he considered the kep to everything: His death and resurrection.
the gospel of Mark frequently uses the word "immediately." what is the significance of the term for the Gospel?
to show the urgency that Mark wishes to convey. he believes that the end is very close at hand, and he wishes to create an atomsphere of imminence in his gospel.
define the term "parable."
parable is a story used to teach. everything in the story are unalike in every way but one. it is open-ended and leaves the listener to figure it out for himself.
explain the point of the following parable (Mark 4:30-31)

- with what can we compare the kingdom of God; or what parable shall we use for it? it is like a mustard seed, which, when sown upon the ground is the smallest of all the seeds on eart
that the kingdom will start small, but from these small beginnings will blossom into a large, vibrant community in which people can rest.
what is the "function" of the miracles in the Gospel of Mark?
to demonstrate Jesus' supernatural powers, separating Him from every other human.
the oldest and most reliable copies of the Gospel of Mark end at 16:8, which reads, "so they [the women who went to the tomb] went out and fled from the tomb, for terror and amazement had seized them; and they said nothing to anyone, for they were a
it leaves the reader hanging, desiring more. the reason is to make people hungry for the good news, hungry for the Lord's return.

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