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the european union is a
an agreement among nations to cooperate economically
democracy was born in
During World War II, the leader of the Soviet Union was...
Joseph Stalin
the South American country with the largest population is..
Countries that claim colonies in other lands are practicing...
New Zealand lies in the
Pacific Ocean
A "hole" in the earth's ozone layer has been discovered above
In Brazil, futbol is what people in the US call
famous Russian music composer
Peter Tchaikovsky
Beginning around 1350, the period of renewed interest in education, art and science was called
Peru gained its independence from
the first immigrants to arrive in Australia were the
the British, Dutch and French had colonies in
the Guianas
Oceania is a group of about 25,000 islands in the
Pacific Ocean
Antarctica is the only continent in the world that has no
permanent population
in 1982 Argentina fought with the United Kingdom for control of
Falkland Islands
Australia's land is mostly
flat and dry
Sputnik I was a Russian
what south american countries are landlocked
Bolivia and Paraguay
Russia's capital and largest city is
Southern ARgentina stretches almost to
a nation in which power is divided between nationa and state governments is a
federal republic
Machu Picchu was an ancient city of the _________of Peru
A country with many hot springs and geysers is
Pope JOhn Paul II was the first pope to come from
movement of Antarctica's ice covering results in huge cracks in the ice called
When a huge chunk of ice breaks off Antarctica's ice covering and floats freely in the surrounding waters it becomes
an iceberg
from the steam created under its volcanic land, New Zealand makes
geothermal energy
Until recent years Russia's farms and businesses were controlled by the government, under a system called
Islands on the Equator that are famous for their rich plant and animal life are called
the Galapagos Islands
Unlike Australia, New Zealand's land is mostly
green and mountainous
from the Volga River, Russia makes
hydroelecric power
Most Brazilians speak a form of
Martin Luther was
a leader of the Protestant Reformation
the national symbol of ARgentina is its cowhands called
Peru and Ecuador lie along the
Pacific Ocean
The country of Caribbean South America that uses francs as its currency is
Frenchy Guiana
To Australians, a "barbie" is a
barbecue grill
steep-sided valleys cut into the moun tains by glaciers and filled with sea water are called
a country that does not touch a sea or ocean anywhere along its borders is
abour how big is Antarctica?
larger than either Europe or Australia
a low-lying, ring-shaped island that surrounds a lagoon is called
an atoll
the largest country in the world is
during the Cold WAr, the Eastern European countries formed an imaginary line called
the iron curtain
the leader who set up a communist state in Russia was
Vladimir Lenin
Which eastern European country has such a large area of rich farmland that it is called "the breadbasket of Europe"?
in 1999 the US and other nations bombed Serbia to try to end the conflict in
Fossils of the earliest human ancestors were found in
the competition for world influence between the US and the USSR after WWII was called
the Cold War
as much as 120 inches of rain a year falls in
the Amazon Basin
the Eiffel Tower is a famous attraction in
the only area of the British ISles that is NOT part of the United Kingdom is
the Republic of Ireland
during WWII the USSR fought with
the US and Great Britain
the full name of the USSR was the
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
the first emperor of Rome was
Caesar Augustus
which South American country is over 2,600 miles long but averages only 110 wide?
Russia can reach the Mediterranean Sea from its border on what sea?
Black Sea
Russia has 11 time zones. This indicates that Russia is very...
the first British people to come to Australia were mostly
the leader who introduced reforms in the USSR moving the country more toward capitalism was...
Mikhail Gorbachev
drug dealers have become a major problem in
Sea animals around Antarctica feed on tiny, shrimp-like creatures called
the crop for which Colombia is known all over the world is
the first president of Russia after the break-up of the USSR was
Boris Yeltsin
which of these islands of Oceania is a territory of the US?
kangaroos and koalas are
Aristotle was a
greek philosopher
Russia is called a Eurasian country because
it lies on two continents, Europe and Asia
Jesus Christ was born in the country controlled by
Russia's political and cultural center as well as its largest city is
What is the largest animal living in inland Antarctica?
an insect
The amazon river lies mostly in
name the Nordic countries
Denmark, Norway, Finlnad, Sweden, Iceland
In recent years Americans have been among the troops serving as peacekeepers in
Bosnia and Iraq
the leader who introduced more freedom and openness to the USSR
mikhail Gorbachev
from its name, you would expect Tierra del Fuego to have
Russia's only Baltic port that is ice-free year round is
the leader of the Nazis during WWII was
Adolf Hitler
the early rulers of Russia called themselves
the Black Forest is a beautiful area of
the main language spoken in Australia is
A major responsibility of a democratic citizen is
the United States of America is a................form of government
representative democracy
communism is an example of a..........form of economy
countries with a lot of manufacturing are
industralized countries
in a market economy individuals determine demand, supply and...
waking up to rock music, putting on denim jeans and celebrating the 4th of July are all part of the American
the majority group in a region
controls most of the wealth and power
food production had increased faster than population on all continents except.......
a main reason why our world is "shrinking" is
Democracy is a form of
limited government
voting is a form of
civic participation
the US has what sort of economy
mixed economy (command and pure market)
the earth's crust is made up of.....
many plates that move
places near the Equator are in the.........
lower latititudes
the warming of the earth from the buildup of gases in the air
greenhouse effect
tectonic plates float on top of.....
liquid rock
as altitude increases
air temperature decreases
Erosion is a process that
carries soil away making the land less fertile

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