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a prophet
Darius I
a Persian king that entended the empire accross the Middle East as far as the Indus Valley
Omar Khaygan
a Muslim scholar who developed an accurate calendar and wrote the poem The Rubaiyat
Gen. Antonia Lopez de Santa Anna
Miguel Hidalgo
a creole priest who touched off a long struggle for independence in Mexico
Juana Inez de la Cruz
a brilliant Mexican woman who was not allowed to go to a univeristy because she was a woman; won fame through her clever writings
Fidel Castro
current president of Cuba
Toussaint L' Ouverture
a Haitian liberator and former self-educated slave
founder/prophet of Islam
a respected Arab leader who ended the 88 yeat European rule of Jerusalem in the crusades
Christopher Columbus
an explorer who mistakenly found the Americas instead of Asia in 1492
Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
each wrote a Gospel- the books about Jesus's life
a Native American prince condemned to be burned at the stake for leading a rebellion in The General History of the Indies- written by Bartolome de las Casas
John Locke
an English philosopher who believed the government had a duty to protect certain natural rights and should only stayin power if they do so (from enlightenment)
Jose De San Martin
Argentine creole liberator
Barthalome de las Casas
a spanish settler that was disgusted by the encomienda systems and stopped them only to start the Atlantic Slave trade (Africans)
Pedro Cabral
portuguese explorer who claimed Brazil for Portugal
King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella]
Spanish rulers who funded Christopher Columbus
Bernardo O'Higgins
Chilean Patriot
the Roman emperor who converted to Christianity
Vasco Nunez de Balboa
a spanish explorer who led an expedition across Panama and discovered the Pacific Ocean
Paul (of Tarsus)
spread christianity
Pope Urban II
called for the 1st crusade against the Muslims
Benito Juarez
a Mexican president (was Indian) who fought for a better life for the poor
Aztec Emperor
King Solomon
son of King David; transformed Jerusalem into a magnificent capital through heavy taxation
Napoleon Bonaparte
an ambitious French general that greatly impacted South America by events in France-starting war in Europe and deciding to reclaim Haiti
Richard the Lionheart
King of England who led the 3rd crusade
King John
king of portugual; fled to brazil and left his son in control and advised him to proclaim independence- causing a peaceful independence for Brazil
Agustin de Iturbide
Mexican (creole) army officer who joined forces w/ the Indians and Mestizos won mexican's independence then claimed himself emperor
a spanish explorer who died sailing around the world (some of his crew made it)
founder of Christianity
Simon Bolivar
"the Liberator" of South America
Francisco Pizarro
Spanish conquistador who conquered the Incan Empire and murdered its king- Atahualpa
Hernando Cortez
Spanish conquistador who conquered the Aztec Empire
King David
a king who unified Isreal and made it a power in the Middle East
Alexander the Great
conquered the powerful Persian Empire; blended Greek and Middle Eastern culture
founder of Judaism; led Hebrews out of Egypt

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