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A philosophy that said that the universe was regulated by natural laws that could be expalined by science
Pope who wrote his papal letter"On the Condition od Workers"
What is the Latin Version of the Bible called
Gregory the great
Who created Gregorian chant
50th day, b-day of the church
Benedict and his rule
who is the father of western monasticism
Cyril and methodius
2 brothers, converted the claviers
Nicaea Creed
What was decided at the Council of Nicaea
stand in contrast
Private confessions
Irish monks
Juan Diego
Saw the Virgin Mary on a hill in Guadalupe Mexico
one community
Henry VIII
he reigned from 1509 to 1547, had been given the title "Defender of the Faith"
Who explained the Trinity
Infant baptisms
what was done becuase many babies were dying
Francis Xavier
A Spanish Jesuit who was a missionary in India
3rd longest city, means Jewish and gentile Christians got along
XP shield
one good, one bad
Thomas Aquinas
a dominican who was the greatest scholar of the midddle ages
Bartolome De Las Casas
A bishop who defended the rights of the Indians, was against war and violence as a way to convert people to Christianity
first monastery to pick their own abbot
Sir Thomas Moore
had been the chancellor of England, was the highest government official under the kind
they didn't have to be circumcised
What was decided in the Council of Jerusalem
St. Stephen of Hungary
converted Hungary
head of Russia
Urban VI
What Pope finally ended the Avignon papacy
Guilds and their function
trade unions
Rerum Novarum
Papal Letter written by Pope Leo XIII also know as the letter "On the Condition of Workers" which told workers the Catholic Church was on their side
Incapable of error
Teresa of Avila
a Carmelite nun, aided in the reform of monastic life
to get back the hold land
Edict of milan
ended the persecution of Christians
An Itialian astronomer who said that the earth traveled around the sun
who wrote the Confessions
John Baptiste de La Salle
A priest established a religious order that taught the poor
What year was the Council of Nicaea
Vatican I
Bishops met in Rome to firm up the spiritual authority of the papacy from 1869-1870. It was decided that the pope's decisions were always infallible
also know as the "Society of Jesus", A religious order that promoted the Catholic reform and stopped the spread of Protestantism in Europe through the peaceful means of studying and teaching
Lay investiture
the practice where a high ranking layperson like an emperor or king could appoint could appoint Bishops or abbots investing them with power and requiring their loyality
Louise De Marillac
Helped Vincent DePaul supervise the Ladies of Charity who believed that service to the poor was important to the church's mission
Only in Rome could the Pope bring peace between France and England
Why did the people want the Papacy back in Rome
the first Monk ruler
pope, bishop, cardinal
John Henry Newman
A cardinal who believed that liberal arts education should be encouraged by the church
Martin Luther
A Augustinian priest and monk who studies the church afthers and the bible
wrote books
John Locke
A British empiricist who believed that Christian teachings were correct only because they were proven by human experience
both say hes just God
Augustine's mother
Brothers of Christian Schools
A religious order formed by John baptist de LaSalle who taught poor boys
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Beloved Virgin Mary of Mexicans and Latin Americans
St. VIncent DePaul
A priest who liked helping the poor and founded the religious order of the Vincentians
Charlemagne dad
they were the beggars
John Calvin
Created Calvinism. He believed in supreme authority of the Scriptures
Philipp Melanchthon
Who wrote the Augsburg Confession
the bible
what wsa first printed on the printing press
John XII
The worst pope
famous Jewish roman historian
Clement V
Who was the Pope who started the Avignon Papacy
defends the faith
following Jesus
Pius IX
Pope who was known as the "prisoner of the Vatican", he and Popes from 1870-1929 would not set foot in Rome to protest that the pope's claim to the papal states was not recognized by Rome
St Paul
persecuted Christians, he was beheaded in Rome
St Stephen
first Christian myrter, he was stone
A group of people who saw all material things as evil
City of God
A book that expalins the fall of Rome
they help the poor and the sick
Thomas merton
Who is the best known modern monk
patron saint of Animals
founder of Islam
The Way
before the word chrstian was invented
proclaiming the good news
It was in Latin
Why did people feel disconnected from the Mass
Gregory XI
What Pope returned the Papacy to Rome from Avignon
when Jesus washed the feet of the apostles
Leo the Great
Who shaped the role of the papacy into a force of leadership of the wwestern world
Antony of Egypt
Who is the Early Desert Father
The roles off the bishop
modern term for apostle
money for forgiveness
Matteo Ricci
An Italian Jesuit who by his knowledge of Astronomy and science was accepted as a missionary of China
East and West
East orthodox, West Roman
Thirty Year War
A war that was fought over religion and territorial control in Europe where 6 million people died
a visible sign of a invisible grace
The plague
took out 1/3 of the people
Catherine of Siena
Who wrote Gregory XI telling him that God wanted the papacy back in Rome
Ignatius of Loyala
Founded the Jesuit religious order
They were good friends
What was the relationship between the French king and the popes
His names means Charles the great and he was crowned on Christmas day
95 Theses
written by Martin Luther it started a radical change in teh history of the protestant church
councils worldwide universe ?
A way of thinking where people believed that what people saw, heard, tasted, touched and smelled was the only way people learned (through experience)
This document summarized the teaching of those who followed Luther
What was the Augsburg Confession
Napoleon Bonaparte
An emperor who led France in the conquering of Western Europe including Rome where he imprisioned the pope
Daughters of Charity
A religious order of sisters who served the poor
thought Jesus was a ghost
Who translated the bible
French Revolution
A radical movement appeared to promote the liberty, equality and brotherhood of man but exacuted anyone who opposed them
restored Paul's site
Justin Marytr
the first apologist
a religion who's people believed that there was one God nad his names was Ila
Council of Trent
held from 1545 to 1563, was responsible for what is now called Catholic reformation
the year 50
What year was the Council of Jerusalem
hairy guy who don't speak Latin
Who started Kildare
Ex Cathedra
From the chair of Peter
Justinian Rule
Laws with harsh punishments such as cutting off your hand for stealing
Body of Christ
another word for the church
false teaching that Jesus is a good human
chopped down the pope tree of thorns
Congregation of the Mission
Priests also known as the Vincentians who taught and preached to ordinary people established by Vincent DePaul

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