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Religion Trivia Questions-Extra Credit


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Maryknoll Hall is the
2 story building down campus (Mr. Mendoza's room).
Academic Dean
Mrs. Pat Rickard
Business Office
Mrs. Kathy Alves
Principal's Office
Father Jim Orsini
Main Office
Mrs. Susan Inamasu, Executive Secretary
Registrar's Office
Mrs. Melony NeSmith
The Alumni Center
is part of Marian Hall.
Development Office
Mrs. Sheila Fujikawa
St. Anthony Jr.Sr. High School was officially
sponsored by the Marianist in 2007
The Marianist/Society of Mary
was present at St. Anthony High School since 1883
Student Activities office
Mrs. Janice Pruett
St. Anthony Jr. Sr. High School was first started
in 1848 and staffed by the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary priets.
Dean of Students
Mr. Mosi Tafao
St. Anthony of Padua statue is located
in the circle before the Church Center.
St. Anthony Jr. Sr. High School is officially
160 years old in 2008
Marian Hall is the location
of our school's administration offices.
Father William Joseph Chaminade's statue
is located by the stairs to the Science Quad.

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