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Lit. Quotes!


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14. "Nobody wants to take responsibility. Nobody wants to admit they had a part in it. So, they spend a lot of time pointing the finger, and things just get worse and worse,"
Who. Torey's mom. What. She, Ali & Torey was standing by the window, and Torey's mom was explaining about Bob Haines
7. It was easier to point the finger at somebody else. If Creed had written that note...point the finger at ourselves or at least take a good long look at our ways... could we have played it differently? Could we have been nicer? Do we have a heartless streak, and can we be bastards
Who. Torey thought it. What. After Torey talks to Leandra on the phone, when Leandra is talking about how Ali was late to practice again and Ali is probably doing it with a boon now. Torey goes up to his room and thinks about this quote as he is lying on his bed
24. Not only that, but a fake could really mess you up
Who. Torey thought it. What. Him & Ali were telling Torey's mom about how they saw the psychic at Isabella's house
21. It was me. I did it. That's the truth
Who. Torey thought it. What. Torey just confessed the phone calls and Mrs. Creed didn't believe him.
17. Why should I be scared of all those morons passing judgement on me?
Who. Torey thought it. What. Ali, Torey & Bo are talking about Creed, and Bo is telling Torey that can't be seen together at school
30. Thank you for sharing you story. And thank you for sharing you name. Yours most truly, Victor Adams
Who. Victor Adams, but not the main character. The Victor Adams who Torey emailed to see if he was Chris Creed. What. The reply from the 2nd Victor Adams is being told by Torey. At the end, where the signature is the quote says how Victor Adams shares Torey's real name.
16. I had never given Lyle Corsica a real thought before, and all of a sudden I felt like I could look into his head and see his thoughts. See pain there
Who. Torey thought it. What. In the classroom, Torey went to go sit with Lyle because his friends were being jerks about Bo and Ali when they were on the bus
25. It was too eerie, to odd. We come here looking for the kid's dead body. We don't find a dead body and yet something that once belonged to him shows up
Who. Torey thought it. What. Him & Ali were looking for Chris's body in the woods
11. so many people would suffer if she hung Bo
Who. Torey thought it. What. Him & Bo were about to break into get the diary and they were trying to think of a plan
5. "Parents can be vicious, don't kid yourself," she murmured. "Just because you live in Steepleton. Just because you have the perfect life." "Look... I don't have a perfect life.
Who. Ali then Torey. What. Torey & Ali were talking on the fire escape about Chris Creed
26. People only see as far as they are able, and the rest of the truth is lost to them
Who. Torey thought it. What. He was looking for Chris's body in the burial ground just after he and Alex had their big fight
23. I handed the almost half full beer bottle to Isabella
Who. Torey thought it. What. him & Ali were at Isabella's house
22. God said to him, 'Even if you went back as a ghost and told the truth to their faces, they would not believe you'
Who. Torey thought it. What. Torey was explaining the time when Leandra told him a Bible story about a rich man that died an evil snob. He was talking about how church was different for both of them because at his church they covered up the evil things, where as Leandra's church they told the good and bad things
15. "Get some sleep. Don't waste your time because you won't find anything," I muttered. "Mrs. Creed spoke to me. Over the telephone at the ball field. I just thought of it now. Oh my god."
Who. Torey. What. Ali & him are reading Chris's diary.
12. I want you to tell me it wasn't you
Who. Chief Bowen. What. Ali, Bo & Torey were being questioned at the police station
3. Things don't have to be sane when they're normal
Who. Torey thought it. What. he's in church right after Mrs. Creed talks about how 'normal' and 'grounded' Chris was
18. My mom has been writing with a feather pen since I can remember, and as a little kid I used to sit on her couch and watch that feather waggle as the pen flew across the paper...I felt like everything was changing in the world, except for my mother and that stupid pen
Who. Torey thought it. What. Ali is at Torey's house and she just finished telling him about some of the kid's in their grades secrets, and Torey just walked into his mom's office where she is writing something and Ali is in a room talking to Bo on the phone.
28. 1."Nudity is a problem, but all the violence isn't. I don't understand people" 2. "We live in culture that has definite quirks about both sex & violence," he said. 3. Maybe. Except this has been going on for centuries. It's not cultural, it's universal. This picking of truths, like you're picking melons at Superfresh
Who. 1. Torey. 2. Dr. Fahdi. 3. Torey thinking. What. Torey was in the hospital and he was talking to Dr. Fahdi
27. Decision made: Nameless. Legless. Clueless. Ageless. Me. LIke when I used to sit with my big-buttoned tape deck between my Velcro Keds. Four years old, and there was nothing except the music. The brown warthog song.
Who. Torey thought it. What. he was in the hospital, and he didn't want to eat anything
1. Nobody stares at me here. Nobody is suspicious of me. That part is gone. I'm not saying that life has been perfect
Who. Torey thinks it. What. he is talking about his new life after leaving Steepleton.
9. Oh my god, I thought. I was, like, dying for her
Who. Torey thought it. What. he & Ali were talking about Ali's mom and her boyfriend
10. I never would of thought of Mrs. Creed as a murderer, but I never would have thought of Mrs. McDermott as a turbo ****. And I never would have thought of Bo Richardson as a courageous person
Who. Torey thought it. What. He was thinking about how Ali & Bo's mom were such a big problem. And Torey was trying to imagine Mrs. Creed as a murderer. This was also right before Bo takes off to steal Chris's diary
20. "Ali, would you get the ******* weight of the world of you shoulders, please!" He shook her. "You're not everybody's doormat..."
Who. Bo said it to Ali. What. Bo just revealed the news to Renee about her dad and Ali's mom at the Wawa
8. "First I grabbed the map and was going to tear it into a thousand pieces... But he had sent it through one of those plastic machines...And he was looking at me like nanny nanny boo...So I just through it down and hit him
Who. Alex. What. he was telling Torey about the time that he had been mean to Chris Creed.
6. I only wish to be gone. Therefore, I AM.
Who. Chris Creed wrote it. What. Torey & his friends have found the note in the principals inbox. Alex reads out the note.
29. I've stayed awake wondering what people think when they spit out some enormous lie, like, do they even stop to think. Why am I saying this? Or do they just grab on to it like one of those folding deck chairs that floated off the Titanic?
Who. Torey thought it. What. He had got out of the mental hospital, and his life was starting to get sort of normal again after the new chief or police told the school that Torey & Bo were off the suspect list for the disappearance of Chris Creed
13. "Remember how we would string burglar traps across the bedroom door frames? God. Funny how things change. Now we're the criminals"
Who. Ali. What. Torey and Ali had just gotten back from the police station, and they were talking in the kitchen of Torey's house
4. I had the perfect parents. I just sort of believed it
Who. Torey thought it. What. he and his friends were going through the computer database trying to find Creed's note
19. I felt guilty right away. I didn't really want to make fun of them. I only wanted Renee to know what it felt like to be on the receiving end
Who. Torey thought it. What. This is when him & Ali are at the Wawa and Torey & Bo are joking about having killed Chris Creed
2. He said that the truth was less important, in this case, than the impact the truth would of had on people
Who. Reverend Harmon. What. He was over at Torey's house and they were talking about the jesus thing. How jesus died naked, but he had a loin on him

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