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We live our faith


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Cyril and Methodius
brought good news of Jesus Christ to the territory helping to make Europe Christian
Bernard of Clairvaux
founded the Cistercian order with strict rule
we mendicant meaning they travel from town to town like beggers
Muslims armies conquered ____________ and other places in the middle east
great armies of ________ arose in Arabi during the 7th and 8th century
rule of life
Basil the great developed a great ______________ for monks
Basil the Great
a great theologian whose writings helped to defeat the Asians
Benedict of Nursia
founded a monastery at Monte Cassino
Gregoriam chant
beautiful music
once a year
catholic must recieve communion _____________.
By the end of the 8th century __________ remained under Muslim rule for almost 800 years
The Church in the _______________ part of the empire would grow into what we know today as the Roman Catholic Church
penalty for serious sins against the chruch
cross shaped floor plans
lay investure
a church leader with authority
Henry IV
did not obey the pope and was excommuncated
The Roman Empire use to view this as a way to gain social status and advantages within the empire.
evangelical counsels
what monks practiced
Charlemagne encouraged these to open and preserve ancient manuscript
the moral ways the leaders were behaving
help the widesreap weakening of the Roman Empire
when the pope Gregory was push out of the Holy roman emperor he was force to _________
the great schism
still lasts today and the pope hope to unite the whole chuch
an offical court where people were condemned and imprisoned
education and culture
barbarians lacked _______________________?
the pope
Charlemagne gave ___________ great power and status
reformed the church and the state was Holy Roman Emperor
the buying and selling of spiritual things
Gregory VII
insisted on celibacy for priess in the Roman Catholic chruch
Anthony of Egypt
brought together a group of hermits to live in community and support each other in leading holy lives
Ora et labora
names seven specific times each day for community payer--also "pray and work"
Monastic life
a life dedicated to prayer, work, study, and the needs of society
monks vowed to practice poverty, ___________, and obedience
King of the Franks who converted Christianity and laid the foundation for a new christian empire
Gregorian Sacramentary
a book that would guide the celebration of mass
journey to a shrine or other holy place

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