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REL 451- Saints Quiz


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Our Lady of Guadalupe
Feast day: December 12th, she appeared to Juan Diego, Aztecs in Mexico, tilma has not decayed, look in eyes-she has what she saw, stars=constellation day of apparition, appeared 4 times to him, cured Juan Diego's uncle, "guadalupe" means, "crush the serpent", and patron saint of Americas, Mexico, and Central America.
St. Catherine of Siena
Feast Day: September 15th, Age of 13 wanted to join convent, youngest of 5, married cruel husband, wrote "Dialogues of the Soul & Body", "ray of divine light", and remained faithful to God.
St. Pius X
Feast Day: August 21st, 2nd of 10, poor Italian, people person, became bishop>cardinal>pope, peace maker, encouraged people to receive Eucharist (especially children), believed Holy Communion was the way to Heaven, died during World War I, lowered age of Communion to age 7, love of Christ & Catechism, buried under St, Peter's Basilica, patron saint of communicants & Archdiocese of of Atlanta.
St. Dominic
founded Dominican- sisters & brothers, helpful & honorable, patron saint of astronomers, and said, "arm yourselves w/ prayer, not a sword."
St. Mary Magdalene
Closest female disciple of Jesus of Nazareth, followed and provided for Him, present at Jesus' resurrection & later discover His empty tomb, Feast Day: July 22nd, first to see the Risen Lord & to announce His resurrection to the apostles. Controversy over who she really is. Woman who Jesus cast out seven demons? Mary of Bethany (Martha's sister)?-not likely, woman caught in adultery & was going to be stoned? the sinner who anointed Jesus' feet w/ tears & was forgiven?
St. Maximilian Kolbe
Feast Day: August 18th, born in Poland, poor, pious family, when he was 12 he saw a vision of Mary-one red & one white rose (martyr and purity), studied philosophy & theology in Rome, contracted turberculosis, but recovered, went to Japan & India, where he built a monastery, he was arrested by Nazis from Poland, sacrificed his life for a man in prison, he was the last one to survive in the starvation chamber, and he is the patron saint of pro-life movement and drug addicts.
St. Clare of Assisi
Feast Day: August 11th, sensitive, kind, gentle, wealthy, didn't want to marry, founded Poor Clares at 21, 2 sisters became nuns, listened to St. Francis, became very sick, died same way as St. Francis, body still incorrupt, patron saint of televisions, sore eyes, eye disease, embroiderers, really loved Christ, and died on her feast day.
St. Lawrence
Huescca, Spain, ill, neglected, poor, martyed, duty was to protect the materials of the Church, prefect challenged him & he gathered lame, blind, maimed, and leprous & lined them up and proclaimed they were the "treasures of the Church", last of 7 martyred deacons, Feast Day: August 10th (day martyred), burned/grilled alive, patron of librarians, and stood up for Church.
St. Genevieve of Paris
wealthy family, shepherd girl, monastic life at 15, parents died-moved to Paris, exorcisms, called her hypocrite, St. Germaine saved her, said to pray & fast to save Paris from Atilla & the Huns, helped people in need, and pictured w/ staff & lamb.
St. Padre Pio
Feast Day: September 23rd, patron saint of civil defense & volunteers, said that prayer is the best weapon, received the stigmata (vision of him being pierced through the heart), he bilocated, survived on Eucharist for 2 months, and was canonized because he led many people to Christ.
Pope Pius V
Feast: April 30th, Alexandria (North Italy), baptism name was Anthony, sheep tender, 1528-ordained, 1552-bishop>cardinal>pope, people thought he was a pushover, enjoyed art & music NOT politics :), vision of Spanish war (died a month later), and Battle of "Leponto".
St. James the Greater
Feast Day: July 25th, nickname: Son of Thunder (passionate about Christ-defended Him), patron saint of fishermen (brother is John), very close to Jesus, present at Transfiguration w/ Moses & Elijah, beheaded, but converted executioner, shells-St. James Pilgrimage.
St. Elizabeth of the Holy Trinity
Feast Day: November 8th, illness, loss of parents, sickness, very mad that God took away father-converted when she received sacraments, strong character/loud, Carmelite nun, and died of Addison's disease.
St. Anthony of Padua
Lisbon, Friars minor at 26, lived in a cave outside monastery, simple & educated style, hammer of heresy (no violence), human laws, infant Jesus apparition, and finder of lost articles.

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