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History Ch. 13

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What style of architecture in Europe featured flying buttresses, stained glass windows and high ceilings known as ribbed vault? Notre Dame is a example. (not the college)
The language of everyday speech.
This area became the trade center in North Europe because it produced a fine quality wool.
Official church answers to all important questions.
What carried the bubonic plague to Europe. They were on rats that were on ships.
Henry VII
He was the first Tudor king who overthrew Richard III. He avoided foreign wars and increased power over nobles.
Philip VI
The French appointed this king, a cousin of the deceased king to rule France instead of Edward III, an English king who claimed the throne.
Which region in France was torn between England (weavers trade) and France (noblemen)
Alexius I
This Byzantine emperor called for mercerenaries, and he got a rabble of crusaders. He refused to let them into the city.
money economy
This is an economy based on money that led to the growth of banking.
This battle was fought in 1346 where the English King Edward III and his son Edward the Black Prince fought the French and Philip VI. The English defeated the French with their longbows.
Eugenius IV; Louis VII; Conrad III
Pope _______ __ called for the second crusade, in which French King _____ ___ and Holy Roman Emperor _____ ___ were defeated in Damascus.
What kind of tax did the monarchs put on lands and people to fund the crusades.
These scholars tried to reconcile faith and reason.
How many months did the First Crusade siege of Jerusalem last?
Canterbury Cathedral
Center of Catholic Church in England.
Ferdinand and Isabella in Spain ordered everyone to be ______ or leave Spain.
Marco Polo
This venetian explorer traveled to China and returned to Italy with stories that many people did not believe.
Richard III
This weak English king was defeated by a rival, Henry Tudor, at Bosworth field in 1485.
Peter Abelard
Scholastic who wrote Sic et Non wich showed both sides of controversial questions. He was condemned as a heretic.
Pope Gregory XI
This Pope in 1378 based in France, visited Rome and died while he was there. The College of Cardinals then elected another Pope, and the officials in France elected another.
Frederick Barbarossa
On Third Crusade, he fell into a river and drowned.
These people helped unify the European peoples and weaken Feudalism.
What did a Journeyman have to submit to a guild master to become a master.
Seventh Crusade
King Louis IX and his army were taken prisoner for a ransom in this crusade
An association of merchants and artisans created to monopolize the local market for its members, regulate work of artisans, wages, hours, and product quality.
Crusader states
The crusaders who didn't go home after the First Crusade formed feudal ____ _____.
These began to appear out of manors as Feudalism declined.
Christine de Pisan
This woman in the French royal court wrote love poems.
What invention did the Muslims pass on to the Europeans that was originally invented by the Chinese?
Pope Clement V
He was the French Archbishop who was elected Pope and moved the court to France.
Charles IV
This French King was the last of the Capetian dynasty. When he died, English King Edward III claimed the throne.
This institution had a powerful hold on people in the High Middle Ages
Edward IV
Edward Duke of York, became _______ __ after he overthrew the Lancaster dynasty in London.
This document allowed a town to be self governing, all the inhabitants to be freed from feudal bonds, taxes paid in money, and no lord could sieze the property.
Saladin Tithe
This tax was instituted by the Church to pay for the crusades. It was called the _____ _____.
On his way to becoming a master, this person would work for a master, but for wages.
These educational institutions were formed separately from church schools to supply educated officials for towns.
Urban VI
The College of Cardinals in Rome chose this man, and Italian, to be the Pope after Pope Gregory XI died.
These were Spanish Muslims
Seljuk Turks
The Peasants Crusade ended when they were all massacred by the ____ ____. Once again, a big surprise.
This Anglo-Saxon epic was written by an unknown poet about a hero who defeats a monster.
This English institution levied taxes, approved laws and provided advice for the monarch.
Innocent III; Italian; Constantinople; excommunicated
Pope ______ __ called the fourth crusade, during which the ______ merchants asked them to sack and loot the city ____________. After they raided the city of Zara, the Pope ________ them.
fairs; Champagne
____ were when hundreds of traders met to sell their goods. They were productive to feudal lords because they could tax the goods sold. The most famous one of these was ______ in France.
Holy War
A Sanctification of Violence introduced by the church is a ____ ____.
Song of Roland
This is a French epic written about Charlemagne's knights
War of the Roses
This war was between two English families, Lancaster and York, who fought for control of England.
Dante Alighieri
Italian who wrote the Divine comedy, an epic poem about an imaginary journey from hell to heaven.
This city was where the First Crusaders destroyed a Muslim garrison before they marched to Jerusalem.
(True/False) Muslims in Jerusalem mistreated and persecuted Christians.
Medieval town
Bubonic Plague
This terrible disease, also known as the Black Death, killed 1/3 of the population of Europe. The _____ ______.
The body, body part, or object associated with a saint, martyr or holy person.
Council of Constance
This council in Germany told all 3 presiding popes to step down and they elected a new pope, Pope Martin V.
Followers of Jan Hus who called for reforms of the Catholic Church. They had crusades called against them, but the crusades were unsuccessful. They were granted religious freedom in exchange for being loyal to the church.
Monarchs levied _____ to pay for the crusades
This battle was fought in 1356 and resulted in the capture of the French King John. The French gave up Aquitaine to the English.
Genoa; Venice
These two trading cities in Italy benefited from trade with the Crusader states
High Middle Ages
This time period was from 1050-1270 AD, known as the _____ _____ _____.
Richard I
On Third Crusade, he alone and his army made it to Jerusalem.
Massacre at Acre
This was when Richard I took Muslim prisoners and when Saladin didn't give him the money he asked for a ransom, he killed thim all.
Hildegard of Bingen
Author who wrote on Religion, Science, Medicine and composed music
Peasant's crusade
Which one of the nine crusades was not numbered?
map; compass
The Muslims introducted advances in navigation, such as a more accurate _____, and the ______.
Sixth Crusade
This crusade ended with a treaty to restore access routes into Jerusalem, but the crusaders could not hold onto them
What did Philip VI want to do to the clergy that made Pope Boniface VIII really mad?
Spanish assembly of nobles, had the right to review royal policies
Philip Augustus
On Third Crusade, he returned to France before he even got to Jerusalem.
Pope Martin V
This Pope was elected at the Council of Constance, after the three other Popes were forced out of office.
Eighth Crusade
King Louis IX and his army were defeated by the plague in this crusade
These were built on castles to be overhanging so that people could rain arrows and boiling oil down on the attackers.
Letters of Credit
These were used instead of money, like checks or money orders today.
Spanish Inquisition
This enforced Catholic teachings in Spain, and tortured, tried and punished suspects. This fear strengthened the Spanish monarchs
Geoffrey Chaucer
Englishman who wrote the Canterbury tales, which were narrative poems about pilgrims on their way to Canterbury
What were the race of people called that formed the garrison at Jerusalem.
Fourth; Fifth
The Children's Crusade was after the _____ crusade and before the ______ crusade.
Trading fleets brought _____ items from the East to trade in Europe.
Charles VI
This weak French ruler disinherited his son Charles VII, the Dauphin. King Henry V of England would become King of France after his death.
Third Crusade
AKA the Crusade of the Three Kings
Collar Harness
This agricultural invention replaced the ox yoke and allowed plows to be pulled by horses.
What style of architecture in Europe in the Early Middle Ages was present in churches and featured heavy round arches, columns, small windows and thick walls? Monastery of Cluny is an example.
This order of knights originated at the Hospital of St. John in Jerusalem, but they relocated to the Island of Malta where they ruled until the 18th century. (one word)
Chansons de Geste
This is a French epic about the courage of feudal warriors.
Portugal; Castile; Aragon; Granada
The Iberian peninsula was split into 3 Christian realms and one Muslim realm. To the West was _______, center ______, to the east ______ on the Mediterranean coast, and to the south, _____ was controlled by the Moors
This battle was fought in 1415 when English King Henry V and his archers won a victory over French knights when they were outnumbered 1:5.
glory; power; recognition
These three non-religious motives became the main reasons that Monarchs went on the crusades
This early gunpowder weapon was unreliable, but had a great psychological effect on the enemy.
These people went from town to town whipping themselves to cleanse themselves from sin. They freaked people out and often attacked Christian clergy.
The Middle Ages were known as the age of _____.
An assembly of German princes that elected a Holy Roman Emperor.
Jan Hus
This reformer was at the University of Prague, where he translated the Bible into Slavic. He claimed the authority of the Bible was higher than the Pope. He was excommunicated in 1412 and burned at the stake.
Thomas Aquinas
Scholastic who wrote Summa Theologica which was an Encyclopedia of Theology. It is still used in Roman Catholic schools.
How many different Popes were in office at one time during the Great Schism?
On his way to becoming a master, this person would be bound by a legal contract to work for a master for no pay.
This was the Spanish reconquest of Muslim areas in Spain.
Knights of the Temple; Templars
The first order of knights were the _______ ___ ___ _______, who escorted pilgrims to and from Palestine. They were also known as the _______.
John Wycliffe
This English reformer was at Oxford University where he translated the Bible into Anglo-Saxon, and spread new, radical teachings such as that Jesus is the head of the church, clergy should not be wealthy landowners, and the Bible is the final authority for Christian life.
Frederick Barbarossa; Philip Augustus; Richard I; Saladin
On the Third Crusade, Three European Kings, Holy Roman Emperor _____ _____, French King ______ ______, and English King ______ __ went to fight ______, the Muslim ruler.
This member of a guild could own his own shop and tools, as well as employ Journeymen and Apprentices.
Edward III
This English King claimed the French throne because he was a grandson of Philip IV
Giovanni Boccaccio
This man wrote the Decameron about the Black Death in France.
Peter the Hermit
Who led the Peasant's Crusade?
Manzikert; Seljuk Turks; Byzantines
The Battle of _______ in 1081 was when the _____ ____ defeated the _________, causing Emperor Alexius to call on the pope for help.
What was the weapon the English used with great success against the French Knights?
Hundred Years War
This is often considered the end of the Middle Ages. The _______ _____ ____.
Many people wanted to go on the crusades for the religious reason that if they were killed, they would recieve instant ________.
Fifth Crusade
This crusade took place in Egypt and it was a failure.
Urban II; Clermont; France
Pope _______ __ called for the first crusade in _____ (city) ______ (country)
How many official crusades were there?
Joan of Arc
This 17 year old girl saw visions of saints telling her to save France. She led the Dauphin's army into successful battles against the English until she was captured, turned over to the inquisition and burned at the stake.
Herrad of Landsberg
This author wrote Garden of Delights, an encyclopedia of world history
Heavy Plow
This agricultural invention allowed people to migrate to colder climates and produce more food.

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