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Religion Unit 1


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pope leo the III asked who to fight against attachers
1st ecumenical council was called by? when? where?
Emperor Constantine. 325 A.D. Nicea Turkey
eastern church buildings had a
large dome
at 1st the western chusch buildings were
ecumenical council
a worldwide gathering of the pope and all bishops
natural law
part of human nature and lasts forever
Church fathers
early christian leaders whose teachings helped develop christian doctrine
Mass is (3)
sacrificial, memorial, ressurection
st augustine of canterburys feast day is
may 27
western churches lang. is
st augustine understood?
that god remained a mystery beyond the comprehension of humane beliefs
to recieve the eucharist you must be in the
state of grace
a denial of a church doctrine
western chuch buildings evolved into
romenesque buildings
Bishop of Alexandria fought heresies all his life
Pope gregory the great united the church and state into one society called
St Helena
mother of emperor constantine, she went on a pilgrimage to the holy land and found jesus' cross
Jesus was called what? (what god was called in OT)
Arius ideas
thought that jesus was human but not divine
Who was a just leader and brang christianity and order to all people
eastern church liturgy
expectation of gods kingdom at the end of time
a story about a heroic warrior who exemplifies both christian valus and pagan beliefs
the church became the center of (5)
education, music, art, spiritual, and politicial authority
___ law supercedes ____ law
natural civil
St Augustine fought against?
a heresy that denied the goodness of humanity and creation
1st ecumenical council created what?
Nicene Creed
a heretic who claimed that jesus was divine but not humane
eastern church capital
the church grew stronger by
adopting the organization of the roman legal system
Emperor justinian created
a collection of civil laws
eastern church official lang is
the church adopted the __ ___ of the raman authority
heirachial structure
800 A.D. pope leo the III crowned who
St augustines feast day
August 28
Council of Chalcedon (lead by who)
Pope Leo the Great, reaffirmed that jesus was humane and divine
god revealed beautyand splender through

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