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american lit test 1


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the interpretation of old testament events, person, and ceremonies as signs which prefigured Christs fullfillments and new covenant with the apostolic church
writing that explores actual people, places, things events and ideas
Plain style-
puritans wrote in; straightfoward and unadorned; simplest form
Provedential History-
the idea that everything happens because God wants it to
Forces undermining Puritanism:
-person's desire to do good
-dislike of a "closed" life
-resented power of few over many
-change in economic conditions
-presence of leaders of dissent
-presence of frontier
-change in political conditions
-theocracy suffered from lack of flexibility
-growth of rationality
-cosmopolitanism of new immigrants
visible signs of puritan decay:
-visible decay of Godliness
-violations of the Sabbath
-presence of heretics
-people full of contention
-decay in family government
-decay in business morality
-sins of sex and alcohol increase
-no dispostion to reform
-lacking in social behavior
-manifestations of pride
reform activities of quakers:
-prison reform
-freedmans rights
-women's movement
-believed in indians rights
basic puritan beliefs and explain
-total depravity-"corruptness" everyone is sinners
-unconditional election-predestination
-limited atonement- Jesus only died for a few
-irresistable Grace- cannot be denied
-perseverance fot he Saints- Gods will
modes of nonfiction and discuss-
historical background of the quakers:
originated in the 17 century and were called the society of friends. formed during the civil war and existed in pennsylvania western new jersey rhode island and northern carolina
beliefs of the quakers
emphasized human goodness
emphasized truth and
equality between the sexes
recognize and eradicate human
receive divine guidance from
"inward light"
affirm the immediacy of Gods
avoid luxury
God revealed divine immanence
importance of education
meetings helped members feel
gods presnce
practices of the quakers:
remained pacifists
avoided formal worship
insisted on humare treatment
of animals
refused to tolerate slavery
insisted upon internal
refused to use names for days of the week and month

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