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Old Testament Exam II Review


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Day of the Lord
When the Lord will come to punish the sin and deliver his faithful people
Six major Themes in Isaiah
FRMZHS - Holiness of God, Sovereignty of God, Messiah, Remnant, New Zion, Need for Faith
Ch. God called Isaiah
Immanuel Passage of Isaiah
Oracle against Babylon In Isaiah
Which prophet characterized by "Holy One of Israel"?
Explain Diff. betw. Ch. 1-39 and 40-66 of Isaiah
1-39 = God's judgment on nations and Israel. 40-66 = God's delieverance from Exile
This prophet predicted Cyrus would allow for Jews to return from Exile 200 years before the event
Servant Songs of Isaiah?
Describing Jesus as savior of the world. Is. 43-50
King of Judah, was threatened by Rezin (king of Damascus) and Pekah (king of Israel) Isaiah encouraged Ahaz to trust God over Assyria.
King of Judah, Godly man tried to institute major religious reforms. Listened to God and did not seek help from Egyptians, as a result God sent a plague amongst Assyrians.Prayed, and got 15 more years
King of Babylon, defeated Assyria. Was shown royal treasury by Hezekiah.
Persian King - who allowed for return from exile
701 B.C.
Year the Assyrian Army laid seige to Jerusalem and God sent a plague and the seige was lifted - 701 seige.
Northern Kingdom judged by:
Southern Kingdom judged by:
Which Babylonian king destroyed Jerusalem and took Judah into exile?
Who was king of Judah when Jeremiah was called to prophetic ministry?
Josiah, who feared the Lord and made significant religious reform in the country. (Jeremiah and Josiah in Judah, 3Js).
Reign of Josiah:
Feared the Lord. Removed Baal from high places
Began Renovation of Temple
Died suddenly at Megiddo in 609 when he tried to stop Egyptians.
Found book of Law in Temple (Deut.)
Little interest in word of God.
Resented Jeremiah.
Destroyed Jeremiah's scroll.
Jehoiakim's successor
after 3 months taken by Neb.
Evil-Merodach king of Babylon returned him later
Which king taken into captivity into babylon?
-the Babylonians dragged him into babylon on his chin.
Point of Jeremiah's famous Temple sermon in Ch. 7
God will judge the Jews even if they have the temple in their midst. God wants repentance and obedience
Which King Destroyed Jeremiah's prophetic scroll?
King Jehoiakim. So Jeremiah rewrote the scroll.
This prophet predicted the exile would last 70 years
This prophet was allowed to stay in judah after 586, then forced to Egypt where he died
This prophet was to remain unmarried
"New Covenant" prophecy in Jeremiah is significant why?
Ch. 31 - He prophesied to time when law would be on hearts and not on stone, Jesus made that possible.
This book contains poems mourning the loss of Jerusalem
Great is thy Faithfulness and Steadfast Love of the Lord never ceases
Lamentations Ch. 3
What lets Lam. author change from distress to hope in Lam. 3?
Like Ps 37 author concentrates on God instead of pain. The Hesed of God covers the pain
This prophet was taken to babylon in 597 B.C.
Location of Jeremiah
Location of Daniel
Location of Ezekiel
Judah, although some scholars say Babylon
Location of Hosea
Northern Kingdom of israel
Northern israel
This prophet was taken into exile into babylon
Told to lie on his side for 390 days for Israel's iniquity and then 40 on other side for Judah
When did Ezekiel's wife die?
On the day Neb. laid seige to Jerusalem. Even as Ezekiel's love was taken so Jerusalem would be taken from jews
Significance of Brick of map of Jerusalem of Ezekiel
Symbolize seige of Jerusalem that would shortly occur
major division of Ezekiel
Ch. 1-24 = time before the fall of Jerusalem
Ch. 25-32 = after 586 Ezekiel speaks Judgement against surrounding nations
Ch. 33-48 = Israel's future - God has not deserted his people
"They shall know that I am Lord"
Ezekiel - shall Know (L's are similar in both)
Israel as Prostitutes pursuing their lovers
Ch. 16 and 23
"the days are long and every vision fails"
Used by people of Israel after hearing so many messages from false prophets
Basic intent of Chariot vision in Ezekiel
God of Ezekiel lives in transcendent 'otherness' - full control of creation
"Dry bones vision"
Ch. 37
Israel's future hope described.
Message of two sticks affirms that Judah and Israel will be reunited under a Davidic king.
Ezek. 40-43 is a temple - why did Curtis think it will be in the future?
The description of ritural and other details differs from previous two temples
This prophet was taken into exile to babylon in 605
Prophet lived in reign of Cyrus
Two languages used in writing Daniel
Aramaic and Hebrew
Two major themes of Daniel
Son of God. Effect of the prophet on teh course of teh Gentiles
head of Gold
Babylonian Empire
Chest and arms of silver
Medo-Persian Empire
Belly and Thigh of bronze
Greek Empire under Alexander
Legs of Iron
Roman Empire
Story of Daniel and food refusal
Ch. 1
Fiery Furnace
Ch. 3
Lion's Den
Ch. 6
Against which ruler was handwriting on wall directed
Antiochus Epiphanes
Became ruler in 175 BC. He considered himself to be manifistation of Zeus.
Pigs were sacrificed in temple
Daniel's revelation while reflecting on 70 years predicted by Jeremiah
seventy sevens are seventy groups of years (490 total) divided into groups of seven, sixty-two, and one.
Most dispensationalists believe the seventieth week is teh Great Tribulation period which is yet future.
Statements of Wicked and righteous resurrection
Daniel 12:2
Connection betw. Daniel's prophecy and Ezekiel's prophecy about Gog and Magog?
Ch. 11 anti Christ attempts to destroy God's pepole and put himself in place of God.
In Ezek. 38-39 Afte tribulation God will triumph and establish His Kingdom forever.
People returning to Jerusalem and Judah from Babylon
This prophet is famous for marrying an unfaithful wife to illustrate God's gracious treatment of his wayward people
"delight in loyalty ranther than sacrifice and in knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings."
"There is no faithfulness or kindness of knowledge of God in the land."
Where did Hosea Prophecy
Northern Kingdom
When and Whose reign did Hosea prophecy
from 755-722, Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah in Judah.
= no mercy, symbolizes God bringing judgment on Israel
son's name of Hosea.
"not my people"
Where did Joel minister?
Joel's theme
Locust plague
Day of the Lord
This prophet is quoted by Peter on teh day of Pentecost as the Holy Spirit comes on teh church
This man was not a professional prophet. "Niether prophet nor a prophets son"
Preached at Bethel
This prophet began his sermon to Israel by announcing judgment on her neighbors, including Judah
"For three transgression...and for four I will not turn aside judgment"
This prophet was run out of town by Jerobaom II and his high priest Amaziah
"Let Justice roll down like waters" in Amos where?
Amos 5:24
Prophet well known for denunciation of society full of greed, injustice, and exploitation of the poor.
Shortest book in teh Old Testament
Obadiah is directed against whom?
Why did God dislike Edom, as reflected in Obadiah.
The Sack of Jerusalem, they dealt treacherously with God's chosen people.
Edom vs. Israel animosity begins where?
Esau and Jacob.
Doctrin of retribution "As you have done, it will be done to you" stated in which book?
Retributive words in Obadiah against Edom found where?
Obadiah 15
Theme: God's sovereign right to show compassion on whomever he chooses
Both Jonah and Nahum:
declared God's judgment on Assyria and Ninevah. Curtis says Nahum is the book Jonah would have liked to have written because God's judgment is certain and fulfilled.
Who was king in Jerusalem when Jonah did his prophetic work?
Jeroboam II
Like Amos, this prophet focues attention on moral and ethical uprightness
"He has told you, Oh man what is good"
Micah 6:8
Prediction in Micah that the Messiah will be born in Bethlehem?
Micah 5:2
Where did Micah Prophesy?
Southern Kingdom, including Samaria in his message as well.
What is the theme of Nahum?
The Certainty of Divine Judgment upon Wickedness.
Against what nation is the judgment by Nahum predicted?
A defense of the Righteousness of God in view of the prevalance of unrighteousness in teh world.
Which prophet struggled with how God could use a nation more evil than Judah to punish Judah.
"the righteous person will live by his faith"
Habbakuk 2:4 means children of God should wait in fiath an dtrust in God and eventually righteous judment will be seen.
How does habbakuk illustrate what it means to live by faith?
Faith is knowing certain things are true. Faith is waiting for that which wehave every reason to believe will come true because God has revealed it to su.
What is the theme of the book of Zepheniah?
God will certainly punish sin.
God will certainly accomplish his purposes and will
Day of the Lord is mentioned a lot.
Why is it likely Zehpeniah was written before 612 B.C.?
References the day of Defeat.
Which prophet was probably a member of teh royal family of Judah?
Zepheniah was a contmeporary of which prophet?
What was the major emphasis of Haggai's ministry?
To Finish rebuilding the temple
Why was Haggai's ministry needed?
Because foundation for temple was laid, bu construction had stopped. People were complacent and needed to be motivated to complete the temple
Dedication of the Temple?
515 B.C.
This prophet accuses the people of having the wrong priorities.
"paneled houses"
This prophet affirms that the obedience of faith is one of the highest of life's priorities
Why did the people never have enough for the temple to be built (Haggai)?
Because their first priority was elsewhere.
The message of Proverbs honoring the Lord with firstfruits is reminiscent of which prophet?
Haggai and the temple
This prophet's contemporary was concerned with building the temple while this prophet was more concerned with spiritual renewal
This prophet preached to a discouraged postexilic community in Judah. He assured them God's plan had not failed
"Night Visions"
This prophet foretold Triumphal entry into Jerusalem on a donkey, "striking shepherd" on the cross, the one "whom they have pierced" and mount of olives
Who was the political leader of teh group that returned from Israel to Babylon? priest?
Zerubbabel = political leader
Joshua = High Priest
This prophet accused his generation of failing to obey God's law about divorce, failing to give offereings.
Where would you find prediction that Elijah will come to call prople to repentence before the Messiah arrives?
Malachi 4:5
931 BC
the division of the kingdom
722 BC
Destruction of Israel by Assyria
609 BC
Death of Josiah
605 BC
First Deportation to Babylon (Daniel and friends)
597 BC
Second Deportation to babylon (Jehoiachin, Ezekiel, and 10,000 exiles)
587/86 BC
Destruction of Judah by Babylon and third deportation to Babylon
538 BC
Cyrus allows Jews to return to Judah
520 BC
ministry of Haggai and Zechariah
515 BC
Temple rebuilt and dedicated under Zerubbabel
458 BC
Ezra's return to Jerusalem
445 BC
Nehemiah's return to Jerusalem
Ezra Themes:
Fulfillment of God's promise - bringing people back to Jerusalem. Rebuilding the Temple
Nehemiah Themes:
came almost 100 years after 1st return to Jerusalem.
Reforms of mixed marriages. Observing the Sabbath properly
Walls of the city were reubuilt 52 days later in which book?
Zerubbabel descended from who?
Descendent of David.
He erected altar on new foundation for the temple. He led first return.
Ruler of Samaria who caused much grief to Nehemiah as he was building the wall
Shushan or Susa
Great City where Daniel saw one of his visions, Nehemiah started his public life, and Esther lived.
the queen of Ahasuerus, who was deposed from her royal dignity because she refused to obey the king when he desired her to appear in the banqueting hall of Shushan the palace (Esther 1:10-12). (See ESTHER.)
the king named in the Book of Esther. He ruled over the kingdoms of Persia, Media, and Babylonia, "from India to Ethiopia." This was in all probability the Xerxes of secular history, who succeeded his father Darius (B.C. 485). In the LXX. version of the Book of Esther the name Artaxerxes occurs for Ahasuerus.
What material books included in OT wisdom Lit.?
Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, Job, Parts of Psalm
According to Curtis the Law and Prophets are vertical revelation while Wisdom is...
Horizontal revelation
Hebrew festival commemorating God saving the people from Genocide of Haman
Why did Haman have hostility towards Jews?
He was a descendent of Agag, an Amalekite who were not completely destroyed by Saul
What problem does Job deal with?
Righteous suffering, problem of evil
Disinterested piety
Men serve God for who He is and not for his blessings
Themes of Job
Friends use theology of retribution incorrectly
Men need to keep trusting God even when they don't understand suffering
Conclusion of Job
Job realizes he is out of place for wanting to prove himself before God, as if there was anything wrong with God.
friend of Job, Speaks to him softly, imputes that Job has sinned thus his suffering exists.
The "ph" in Eliphaz sounds soft
Was more stern in talking to Job than Eliphaz. 3 speeches.
Friend of Job, came to console Job in time of distress
Friend of Job, youngest and some say wisest
OT book non-Israelite setting
Reasons for suffering
personal sin
sins of others
refines character
further God's purposes
Job's solution to suffering
Eventually we understand through suffering that God is great and we understand his grace
Job 1:9
Our understanding of Fear of God
significance of Interrupted 3rd cycle
They say nothing more because the friends have nothing more to say
Job 28:28
Respond to suffering by fearing the Lord and shunning Evil
Mistakes of Job's friends
Failed to comfort him
How many "sections" in Psalms?
Five - corresponding to teh Pentateuch
Over how many years was Psalms written?
~1000 years
What is the basic characteristic of Hebrew poetry?
What three purposes for the book of Psalms are suggested by the various titles given to the book?
Musical Psalms
A _________________ is a cry to God for deliverance in a time of distress.
________________ psalms call for God to bring judgment on the psalmist’s/God/s enemies.
________________ psalms focus on the confession of sin.
The Five Messianic Themes of Psalms
Royal Messiah
Suffering Messiah
Son of Man
coming of God
The Nation
Psalm by David after being confronted by nathan concerning Bathsheba
Psalm 51
Psalm one is significant how?
It teaches the way for all men to prosper in all they do.
This psalm gives instruction about how to respond to injustice.
What three responses to injustice found in Ps 37 were noted in our classroom discussion of the first few verses of the psalm?
Fret not - be not envious
Trust in the Lord - do good; dwell in the land
Delight yourself in the Lord
What teaching does Psalm 73 have in common with the book of Job in terms of responses to suffering that transform?
Trust God....
According to the course pack what time period is covered by the psalms in the book of Psalms?
Moses to Post-Exile
What kind of psalm is Ps. 78?
Salvation History
What kind of psalm is Ps. 107? (
Slavation history or thanksgiving
What does the psalm 107 demonstrate about the importance of giving public testimony about God’s deliverance?
When we publicly express the Hessed of God, God shows more grace and blessing to us.
What is wisdom as seen by the Old Testament?
That which is experienced knowledge
Note the importance of Prov. 1:7. Why is it such a central principle in the book?
The fear of the LORD [is] the beginning of knowledge: [but] fools despise wisdom and instruction.
Know what a proverb is.
It is a general truth rather than an invariable law or promise; an individual proverb captures a tiny cross section of truth rather than providing a comprehensive teaching on a topic).
Note where the pursuit of wisdom leads according to Prov. 2:1-5.
Then shalt thou understand the fear of the LORD, and find the knowledge of God.
Know the three contributors to the book who are mentioned by name.
Solomon, Agur, and Lemeul
This book emphasizes the uncertainties and inequities of life.
What does Ecclesiastes present as the key to living in this fallen world?
Trust in God and follow his commandments
In which biblical book would you find Qoheleth?
How does Ecclesiastes affirm the importance of living by faith?
It says the all other ways are meaningless so live by faith
This book frequently exhorts the reader to “enjoy life.”
This book is characterized by an emphasis on the vanity of things in this world.
This book looks for a way to live that will generate a “profit” or “advantage,” and presumably one that death cannot rob us of.
Even as this book makes it clear that there are few guarantees in life in a fallen world, it contains many proverbs that make it clear that wise living is important.
How does Ecclesiastes provide a balance to the material that dominates Proverbs?
He has the pessimistic side of life
Does Ecclesiastes discourage the use of proverbs and wisdom in living life?
Unthinking dependence on proverbs he discourages.
Be familiar with both the “two major character” and the “three major character” interpretation of Song of Songs.
two character: Solomon and Shualamite
Three character: Solomon, Lover, and Shualamite
Problem with Solomon as ideal model for marriage?
He had too many wives
Curtis says Song of Songs is a commentary on what passage?
Gen. 2:24 - one flesh.

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