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Religion: Chapter Two


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What helped travel during this time?
Had a marvelous system of roads, bridges, and harbors
Whose earlier conquests helped the “cultural unity”?
Alexander the Great
What was the common language in most of the places in the Empire?
A type of Greek
Explain ‘spiritual hunger’ at this time?
Needed something more than what they have (needed something else)
What was considered to be the ‘the most potent single cause of Christian success’, and how was this shown?
People were looking for something else and tried to do what Jesus said to do: to love one another. Were actually working that out
What was the most obvious reason for the success of Christianity?
When is it said that Church history began?
In Jerusalem, on Pentecost, around 30 A.D
Who were the first 2 groups of converts?
Palestinian Jews and Greek speaking Jews
Who were the Hellenists, and where did they go and why?
Greek speaking Jews who was forced to flee north to Samaria (bloodshed)
What is meant by the term “Gentile”?
Non Jews to begin with
Where was the term “Christian” first used and what was meant by it?
Antioch, Syria; followers of Jesus called Christians
Because of the Council of Jerusalem, who would be spoken to about Christianity?
Who was especially active in speaking to the Gentiles?
St. Paul
What was the most important city for Christianity in the western part of the Roman Empire?
Define the word “Catholic”
What were the two problems with the Christians?
Did not worship pagan gods or the emperor
What were the two rumors that worried the Romans about the Christians?
Christians took part in strange ceremonies, including cannibalism and sexual practices
What resulted from these rumors?
Persecution of Christians
Who was responsible for starting the persecutions, why?
Nero blamed Christians for a fire he probably started in Rome
What two famous people probably died during this time (64 A.D.)
Peter and Paul
Around 250 A.D., what was passed, by whom, and what was started?
Decius passed the first anti-Christian laws and started persecutions empire wide
The Emperios Decius did not necessarily want to kill the Christians but to have them do what?
To renounce their faith
What happened in 261 A.D. and by whom?
Gallienus passed a law tolerating the Christian faith
What happened in 303 A.D., by whom, and what was it called?
Diocletian launched the “Great Persecution”
What happened in 312 A.D. by whom, what was it called?
Constantine granted tolerance to Christians and it was called the Edict of Milan
Who was Edith Stein?
A German nun of Jewish ancestry who moved to Holland after Hitler
Who were the “Gnostics” and what did they oppose?
People who possessed special and personal knowledge and against Church’s teachings
Name six Church teachings that they taught against
-Denied Jesus to be born from a virgin
-Denied Jesus died on the cross
-Denied God was creator
-Old Testament has no value to Christians
-Denied baptism and Eucharist to have any significance
Explain how the Church tried to combat Gnosticism in 3 ways
New Testament
Rules of Faith
Apostolic Ascension
Assemblying what we know was the New Testament took place during what time?
Second century to the end of the fourth century
What is the difference between “church” and “Church”?
Church is the people, church is the building

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