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Section 7 Quiz History


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_________ was the name for those who ___________ against the RCC and _____
away from it
PROTESTANT, protested against the RCC and broke away from it
_____ said that God would ______ ___, but a person _____ ______ for those sins
RCC said that God would forgive sins, but a person still suffered
The _________ took place in either this life or in _________
suffering, purgatory
__________ was a place between _______ and _____ where most people went when they died
Purgatory wa a place between heaven and hell
An ________ freed a person from some or all of this suffering
At first indulgences were _____ by ______ _______ ______
earned by doing good deeds
later, indulgences were ____
Some RCC leaders taught that indulgences could be purchased for people __________ ______ ( to release them from ________ in ________
already dead, suffering in purgatory
Martin Luther was a _____ ____ and a ______ _________ who lived in the town of Wittenburg, Germany (part of the ________
RCC monk and a Bible professor (Holy Roman Empire
RCC monk who sold indulgences near wittenburg
Johann Tetzel
Much money from the sale of ______ was used to help build
St. PETER'S church
"High pressure salesman"
Johann Tetzel
______ was very upset with ______
Johann was very upset with Tetzel
What happened on October 31, 1517?
Martin Luther nailed the 95 These (statements) to the RCC door in Wittenburg
These ____ condemned the _____ of ________
these condemned the sale of indulgences
What even began the Protestan Reformation?
The nailing of the 95 These on the RCC door by Marin Luther
____ ordered Luther to _______ his teachings
RCC, renounce
What happened when Luther refused to rencounce his teachings?
He was excommunicated by the Pope
Luther was protected from ____ by the _______________________________ in which he had lived
arrest by the ruler of the German state
Name 4 of Luther's beliefs
1. A person obtained salvation by faith in God, not by works
2. The Bible was the only authority of the church
3. All Christians could serve as their own priests
4. The pope was not the head of the Christian church
Lutheran church was organized-it is one of many _________ ___________ that believes Luther was a _______ _____
Protestant churches that believes Luther was a great leader
_________ now refers to Christian denomininations (churches) that are not ________ ____ or _____ ______ (______ ____)
Protestant now refers to Christian denomninations that are not Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox (Greek Orthodox)
Luther died of _________ _____
natural causes
Who was the leader of the Reformation in Switzerland?
John Calvin
Broke away from the RCC
John Calvin
Believed that God had chosen certain people to to to heaven
John Calvin
These people were called
"the elect"
He said only ____ knew who were the __ were
God knew who the elect were (John Calvin)
He called this belief (of God knowing who was going to heaven_
Predestination )John Calvin
Empasized following strict rules of personal behavior
John Calvin
Followers of Calvin (___________) spread throughout ________
Calvinist, Europe
In Scotland, Calvinist became known as
Who was the Presbyterian leader in Scotland?
John Knox
In France Calvinists became known as
In England the ___________ were Calvinists
King of England during the early 1500's was
Henry VIII
Henry and his wife had a _________, but no ___, this upset Henry
daughter but no sons
He aske the Pope to grant him a _____
Henry, divorce
How did the Pope respond to Henry's request to divorce his wife?
He refused
What did Henry do when his request for divorce was negative?
Divorced her anyways
Pope _________ Henry
Henry VIII declared that the king was now ___ _____ __ ___ ______, not the ____
the head of the church, not the Pope
Henry established the _____ of ________
CHurch of England
The church of England was also called the
Anglican Church
Although the main reason the Reformation in England began was ______ (Henry's anger at the Pope for not granting him a divorce) many in England wer ready to break form the RCC because of ________ _________
political, religious disagreements
How many wives did Henry VIII have?
Also called the Catholic Reformation
The Counter-Reformation (CATHOLIC reformation) was a movement by the RCC to
1. Correct problems within the RCCC
2. Stop the spread of Protestantism
Name 3 important parts of the Counter-REFORMATION
1. Inquisitions were established
2. RCC published a list of books considered dangerous to the RCC
3. Reforms were made
Inquisitions were
RCC Courts
What happened becuase of the RCC courts?>
Heretics were sought out, many were executed
Important parts or the Counter-Reformation
Founding of the Jesuits
Catholics were forbidden to
read these book that were published on a list by the rcc that were declared dangerous
Copies of
these books were destroyed
Also called the Society of Jesus
Were RCC monks
established rcc schools and fought protestantism
Jesuits/Society of Jesus
______ _____ landed in North America
Vikings probably
____________ _________ made travel by ship faster and easier
technological improvements
The ______ now existed
New types of _____ were developed
From Portugul
Prince Henry the Navigator
Established a school for ___ ______, _________ and _________
Prince Henry the Navigator, for sea captains, astronomers and mapmakers

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