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ABeka History 7 - Unit 3, Chap. 10 Checkup


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(p.152) In what year was Mohammed born? Where was he born?
A.D. 570. Mecca
(p.152) What is the name for the religious building visited by many Arabs? What sacred treasure does this building contain?
Kaaba. the Black Stone
(p.152) What did Mohammed call his god?
(p.152) Why were Meccan businessmen alarmed by the new religion?
They feared that Mohammed's vehement opposition to the old Arabian religion of multipile gods, spirits, and idols threatened Mecca as the religious center of Arabia.
(p.152) To what city did Mohammed flee? What did the city come to be called?
Yathrib. Medina
(p.152) What people had great discernment and therefore did not accept Mohammed's teachings?
the Jews
(p.152) What was the first city that Mohammed conquered?
(p.152) What is the Koran?
the holy book of Islam
(p.152) Name five Bibical figures that the Koran names as prophets.
Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus
(p.155) What were Europe's "holy wars" called? What was the purpose of these "holy wars"?
crusades. to fight against Islam in the name of Christianity
(p.155) What fierce tribe took much of the Middle East from the Arabs in the 11th century? What battle completed their conquest of Asia Minor?
Seljuk Turks. Battle of Manzikert
(p.155) Who proclaimed the beginning of the crusades?
Pope Urban II
(p.155) When did the Roman church officially split?
(p.155) In which crusade did Europeans reconquer Asia Minor and capture Jerusalem?
First Crusade
(p.155) What did the Second Crusade accomplish?
(p.155) What is another name for the Third Crusade? Was this crusade successful?
"Crusade of Kings." no
(p.155) Why was the Fourth Crusade ridiculous?
It never even reached the Holy Land but instead attacked and robbed the city of Constantinople.
(p.155) What event marked the end of the Eastern Roman Empire? Give the date.
the Ottoman Turks captured Constantinople. 1453
(p.155) How did Islam and distorted Christianity "check and balance" each other?
Chritendom largely confined Islam to the Middle East and the farther reaches of Asia, while Islam restricted Christendom mainly to western Europe.
What is the main difference between Christianity and Islam?
Islam worshiped Allah,and Christianity worshiped God.
(p.152) When did Arab victories end? Where did the first defeat take place?
715, Centural Asia
What vital defeat in 732 ended the Muslim March in Europe? Why was this defeat so important?
Battle of Tours, Muslim conquests seriously weakened Christianity in the Middle East, but the Battle of Tours checked Muslim advance into western Europebeyond Spain.

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