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Chapter 4-Finals

Ms. Callinan's Final Reveiw for Chapter 4


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Ordinary Time
a reminder of the actions and teachings of Jesus; all time is holy; green
Suffering Servant
Isaiah's prophecy as a ...
The Rosary
a traditional prayer that consists of 15 decades of Hail Mary prayers
were afraid that the Jews might be exiled to Babylon again that they thought that if they kept every law both the written laws of Moses and the oral traditional law of their ancestors, that God would keep them safe in Jerusalem
celebrated Jesus' resurrection and victory over sin and death; white
the holiest days of the year celebrating the death and Ressurection of Christ with ancient and solemn liturgies; red
hints at what will happen to all believers at the end of time
Second Coming
when Christ will return to judge both the living and the dead
unites us with the death and Resurrection of Jesus
Christ the King
feast that ends the liturgical year
was crucified for treason
God's saving activity in Jesus in freeing humankind from sin and eternal death
saw themselves as the physical and spritiual descendants of Zadok, a high priest of the family of Aaron. During the lifetime of Jesus they presided over the rites and the sacrifices of the Temple in Jerusalem
believed that they served God best by being armed and by killing the enemies of God or at least their own enemies
Good Friday
the Christian Day of Atonement
the council the governed Jewish affairs during the Roman occupation
six weeks of fasting prayer and almsgiving as a recommitment to faith; purple
Passion of Christ
contained in all Gospel accounts
Venial Sin
a less serious wrong that weakens but does not destory one's realationship with God
a time of waiting and preparation for the coming of Christ; purple
Moral Sin
a very serios wrong the is contrary to God's laws and can lead to eternal separation from God
Paschal Mystery
the passio, death, Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus
Capital Sins
grave offenders sometimes called deadly sins because they turn people completely away from God; the souces of other sins
Jesus is the light to overcome darkness; white
Pashal Candle
is lit at all Masses through Easter season and at Baptisms and funderals throughout the year
You and I
are responsible for Jesus' death
Yom Kippur
the Jewish Day of Atonement
Christian Morality
not solely based on external actions; judges a person's inner attitudes or motivations
betrayed Jesus
Jesus' conflict with the Temple Priests
the purity laws and access to the Temple
the taking up of the Risen Christ into heaven

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