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Biblical Allusions


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followed god; built the ark and saved his own family
apostle or disciple
were twelve men handpicked by Jesus to be his chosen followers; after his death and resurrection they were to carry on his mission
Cain and Abel
children of adam and eve; Cain killed Abel
the tree of knowledge or life
eating the fruit gave them the knowledge of good and evil
mother of Christ; told by the angel Gabriel that she would bear a son and name him emmanuel or jesus
. a giant warrior—more than nine feet tall—who was slain by David in I Samuel. In modern usage, both giants and very large or powerful people or things are called Goliath.
immaculate conception
prophets of the old testament foretold that the savior would be bron of a virgin
the battle of Jericho
city near the Jordan river captured by the Israelites on the way to the promise land
another son of king David; wisest man on earth; god told him he could have anything he wished for and he asked for Wisdom
son of Abraham and Sarah; father of Jacob and Esau
brother of Mary and Martha- Jesus raised him from the dead
the magi
known as the wise men from the east who brought gifts to Christ when he was 2 years old
Jesus' earthly father and a carpenter in Nazareth
king of Judah at the time of the birth of christ; ordered that all male children under the age of two were to be killed
Jacob and Esau
twin sons of Issac and Rebbecca; Jacob stole Esau's birthright
term meaning rising from the dead
the ascension
occurred 40 days after the resurrection of Christ; Jesus promised the disciples that they would recieve help in taking the message to the people
the serpent
chief of god's fallen angels; Satan the tempter
garden of Gethsemane
place where Jesus often went with his disciples to pray, rest, and talk; here that he was betrayed by judas iscariot
was a tax collector and one of the twelve disciples of Jesus
followed Saul as king of Israel; brave warrior who slew the giant Goliath, a Philistine, with a rock from his sling-shot
wife of Uriah and David; had an affair with David
Hebrew parents in Egypt; mother hid him in bulrushes; through Moses, god delivered the Israelite slaves from Egypt
hill on which Jesus was crucified
mt. sinai
mountain where god appeared to Moses and gave him the ten commandments
second coming
some Christians believe that Christ will come again to judge the earth.
After running from God, he was thrown overboard and a big fish swallowed him; he prayed, god rescued, he repented and was spit out after three days
the fall
refers to grace; resulted in the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the garden
city know for its wealth, grandeur, and wickedness; citizens of Jerusalem were taken there in exile
last of the great judges who ruled Israel
wedding at Cana
the site of jesus' first miracle; jesus took 70 storage barrels of water and turned them into wine
palm Sunday
day that Christ rod triumphantly into Jerusalem on a donkey
tower of babel
constructed a tower to heaven; god got angry; nobody spoke the same language
simple story illustrating moral or religious point
famous prophet under king Ahab who challenged the prophets of the false idol Baal
special bread sent from Heaven
pillar of fire, pillar of cloud
columns of fire and cloud which appeared in the sky
pharisees, Sadducees, scribes
were the educated men during the time of Jesus; questioning the things he did and trying to trap him into blasphemy
the ten plagues
god sent plagues Egypt to convince Pharaoh to release the Israelites from slavery
the sermon of the mount
first sermon of Jesus; contained the beatitudes; a list of type of people who will be blessed
burning bush
god appeared to Moses in this form
plague 10
the first born of the cattle and people were killed
john the baptist
cousin of Jesus who preached repentance; Jesus was baptized by him in the river Jordan
the oldest person whose age is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible; has become a general synonym for any living creature of great age.
was queen of Persia but also a Jew; saved all the Isrealites from being killed by the King Xerxes
was the method used to kill Jesus; nailed to a cross by his hands and feet and left to die
good Samaritan
the parable in which a man is attacked by thieves and left at the side of the road. A passing Samaritan binds his wounds, takes him to an inn, and cares for him. A good Samaritan now refers to anyone who freely helps others in their time of need.
the nativity
term used for the birth of Jesus, the son of god, to the virgin Mary
first woman
known as Saul before he was converted to the christian faith; saul was blinded by the strong light
Mary and Martha
were sisters and devoted followers of Christ
Samson and Delilah
had long hair and was really strong; his strength was in his hair; Delilah- Samson fell in love with her; she cut his hair and turned him over to the Philistines enemy
the site of the final battle between God and Satan;it can also refer to an apocalyptic catastrophe.
after the death of Moses, Joshua took over
the last supper
followers were to reenact this meal as a remembrance of Jesus
very handsome son of David; killed his half brother, father David forgave him;
ark of the covenant
a box where the tablets containing the ten commandments were placed
righteous man in god's sight; Satan made job lose his wealth and respect and job stood steadfast and never cursed god and god returned everything back to job
Judas Iscariot
one of the twelve disciples of Jesus; betrayed Jesus with a "kiss of death" for thirty pieces of silver; later repented but too late; hung himself
serpent on a stick
symbol of healing for the medical profession; Isrealites were healed when they looked up at it
Abraham's wife; mother of Isaac; laughed when she heard she would have a child in her old age
known as Jesus; the promised savior; or messiah;
was one of Jesus' disciples; known as the rock; betrayed Jesus but repented
first man
a king of the divided kingdom of Judah; married Jezebel
governor of Jerusalem; washes his hands of Jesus' death as if to say "it's no longer my problem"
the passover
Israelite might escape the tenth and last plague; commanded to sprinkle blood of a lamb on their doorposts; angel of death passed over to kill the first born; first born lived if bllood over doorpost
Sodom and Gomorrah
Abraham lived among evil towns; god wished to destroy them; abraham brought out righteous people
land of milk and honey
the promised land for Abraham and his descendants after escaping from Egypt and wandering in the desert for 40 years
Latin for "before the flood," referring to the flood Noah rode out in Genesis; exaggeratedly referring to something very old or outdated
The Isrealites asked God for a king; he was first Hebrew king; famous for his many moods
wife of Ahab; responsible for turning him the worship of god; woman who turns someone from good to evil; another term for a "controlling wife"
taken to Babylon after the fall of Jerusalem in 826 b.c.; thrown in the lion's den and the fiery furnace because of his faith in god; interpreted dreams
son of Abraham and Hagar
Jacob's ladder
vision of god's angels ascending and descending; commonly referred to as a "wrestling with God"
golden calf
Moses was on mt. sinai the people became tired of waiting and built a golden calf to worship; moses broke it
handmaiden or servant of Sarah; mother of Ishmael
garden of Eden
adam and eve; paradise prepared by god
means "exalted Father"; father of Ishmael and Isaac; an important figure in Islam, Judaism and Christianity
prodigal son
parable in which a son leaves home to fritter away his money on a hedonistic lifestyle, only to end up destitute. The son crawls home, filled with shame and remorse, upon which his father welcomes him with open arms and "kills the fattened calf" for him. Somebody who leaves home to lead a dissolute life and regretfully returns home is called a prodigal son.
favorite son of Jacob; sold into slavery by his brothers because they were jealous of his coat of many colors; a prince in Egypt; saved his family from famine

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