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-coloration and light creates emotion
-grabs a momement
-Chirascuro points out objects and makes details clearer and adds texture
-art is away from classical Greek

Baroque Painting
-The Calling of St. Mattew
-light from side
-took bibical stories and put them in common settings that humanized saints and holy figures
-Make Catholisim more accessable to people
+tool of Church during Counter Reformation
-Jesus pointing to St. Matthew

Baroque Painting
-Conversion of St. Paul
-St. Paul struck with an experience and got knocked off his horse as he then converted
-focus light on horse, man, and another guy's forhead

Baroque Painting
-Supper at Emmaus
-just heard Jesus rose from the dead
-triangular compostion

Baroque Sculpture
-Baladacchino St. Peter's
-Baladacchino: canopy at crossing
-Bones of St. Peter behind canopy

Baroque Painting
-Triumph of the Chair of St. Peter
-St. Peter's Altar

Baroque Statue
-the act (ornate, moving, energetic)
-Michelangelo's David: moment of descion (contemplative, naked)
-Donatello's David: moment of triumph

Baroque Statue
-The Ecstasy of St. Theresa
-She is about to be pierced by an arrow of divine love
-she was mystical as she could transcend and have visions
-statue shows intense passion and emotion

Baroque Statue
-Triton Fountain
-Connection between Baroque and Rennaissance

Baroque Painting
-Judith Slaying Holofernes
-Artemisia Gentileschi
+Raped by teacher which she reflects her anger in her paintings
-Bibical tale
-Ciserian guard took advantage of Judit in which she chops off his head when he is asleep
-painting looks realistic especially detail to blood stained sheets

Baroque Painting
-Judith Slaying Holofernes
-She looks reluctant or disdanful

Baroque Painting
-Daniele Crespi
-Mary's face is upset and is more realistic than Michelangelo's Pieta who was more accepting of Jesus's fate
-sense of her hanging onto him
-sense of weight greater

Baroque Painting
-Farnese Palace Frescoes
-Mythological painting that is 2-D
-inspired by Sistince Ceiling painted by Michelangelo Bunorratti
-changed the way in which church building only had ornate painting as this private sector did
+Went from church to houses and religious paintngs to mythical paintings

Baroque Painting
-Descent from the Cross
-Peter Paul Rubens
-He thought fat was beautiful
-Painted muscularness similar to Michelangelo
-Painted with similar colors to Titian
-Jesus looks like his spirit is being lifted as he is being physcially brought down

Baroque Painting
-Arrival of Marie de'Medici at Marseilles
-She was not bright, but rich
-Queen arrived safely as everyone is thankful and rejoices
-Triton's daughters at bottom of painting

Baroque Painting
-Garden of Love
-Balance of colors
-colors make eye drawn towards painting
-people getting ready for a baccenele

Baroque Painting
-Three graces
-Splender, Mirth, Good Cheer

Baroque Painting
-Prometheus and the Eagle
-Prometheus stole fire from Gods and gave it to humans, where he was punished for eternity to be chained to a mountaintop and have birds pluck at him

Baroque Painting
-Nightwatch (The company of Franz Banning Coque Preparing to March Out)
-Rembrandt Van Rijn
-all payed same amount of money to be in protrait, but some upset by being blended in the background, unlike others who payed equal amounts and were painted towards front of painting

Baroque Painting
-Return of the Prodigal Son
-Father (God) forgives bad son (sinners) all the time which the good son is resentful

Baroque Painting
-Blinding of Samson
-God gave Samson strength as long as he didn't cut his hair,b ut Deliah tricks Samson and cuts his hair while he is asleep and is blinded

Baroque Painting
-Raising of Lazarus
-light source is from below which adds to the supernatural act
-Triangular composition
-balance objects

Baroque Painting
-Woman Holding a Balance
-Jan Vermeer
-He drew people doing everyday things
-He was Master of light
-Last judment behind her
-she looks like Mary
-Theme: is a religious theme of justice

Baroque Painting
-Girl with a Pearl Earring
-Jan Vermeer

Baroque Painting
-The Geographer
-Jan Vermeer
-lots of detail to atmosphere compared to man's face

Baroque Painting
-Young Women with a Water Pitcher
-Jan Vermeer

Baroque Painting
-Las Meninas
-Diego Velazquez
-Artist has red cross which meant he wa knighted
-He painted for King Philip IV
-He is noted for the complexity of design and composition in painting
-Royal Parents in mirror
-Princess Margarita in center

Baroque Architecture
-St. Paul's Cathedral
-Christopher Wren
-Cathedral was influenced by St. Peter's dome and later St. Paul's dome influenced U.S. Capital dome
-Cathedral is cruciform
-There is no groin vaulting, but mostly domes
-Sight of St. Paul Cathedral during blitz of WWII gave people hope

Baroque Architecture
-Palace at Versailes
-Pinnacle of Baroque Opulence
-Louis XIV, "sun King", transformed it from a hunting lodge to largest palace in the wolrd
-designed to impress visitors with splendor of France (and Louis)

Baroque Architecture
-Hall of Mirrors
-lined with massive silver furniture (later melted down to finance war)
-17 floor to ceiling mirrors (reflecting sun)
-Treaty of Versailed (ended WWI)

Baroque Architecture
-Queen's Hamlet at Versailes
-12 thatched cottages built for Marie Antoinette (wife of Louis XVI) so she could play "peasent"

-Rembrandt Van Rijn
-his wife was Saskia
-his self portraits protray his life story by the expression in his face and coloration used in each painting

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