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World Civ. Ch. 10


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slaves in islamic world
not considered equal, could sometimes purchase freedom, served in army, considered a good act to free them
Examples of Muslims liking Christians
called them the people of the book
Official Religion
Henry II
increased # of criminal cases, expaned power of royal courts, body of common law
similarities between Islam and Christianity
Jesus and Moses are early prophets, heaven, hell, judgement day, Abraham is the father
closest thing to scientists, actually did find out some info, experiments carried out by church men and permission of the church
streetlights, hospitals, running water, big houses, gravity fed water systems, paed roads, libraries, big mosque
how plaque affected body
tumors, purple spots, no cure, died on third day
Magna Carta
limited monarchy, certain rights can't be denied by gov., gov. is based on consent of the people
how it spread
by rats being infested w/ fleas carrying the deadly bacterium
social structure in islamic world
well defined uper class, ordinary merchants had a degree of respect
Islamic Culture
flourishing trade, medical encyclopedia, library, Algebra, spices, silks, perfumes, porcelain, textile goods
Pope Urban's Goals for the Crusades
make jerusalem safe for pilgrims, halt feudal warfare, and heal centuries
beliefs shared by all muslims
teachings of muhammad, one god, the Koran, pray 5 times a day
scholars came, house of wisdom, math, medicine, astrology.
Shiites and Sunnis
Sunnis wanted to return back to Muhammads orignal teachings. Sunnis dont believe in Imamate or Hidden Imam. dispute over successor to Muhammad
curtain walling, big windows, bright, light walls, flying buttresses
people that died
38 million, 60% of europe
women in islamic world
spiritual and social equality with men, had right to fruits of their work, own and inherit property, male guardian, right to divorce, cover all parts of bodies
simple, thick walls, small windows, heavy mass
Muslim's view of the crusades
take them seriously
Requirements for a just war
1 person cant declare it, cause must be just, have a rightful intention
William of Normandy
defeated King Harold, system of taxation and royal courts
consequences of plague
trade declined, lowered demand of food
Decline of church
great schism divided europe, renewal of interest in classical age

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