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Chp. 28 and 29 Vocab-History

chapter 28 and 29 quiz prep., history.


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Renaissance architect; studied ruins in Rome and learned math in architecture; built large enough dome so it wouldn't collapse;
a person who supports the arts or other activities by supplying money for them
Renaissance Time Period
began in Italy (Florence) in mid 1300's; spread to other parts of Europe in 1400's and 1500's
Divine Comedy
by Alighieri; poem that describes an imaginary journey through where Christians believed souls went in the afterlife;
Renaissance art
3D, responded to light/shading, religious OR everyday situations, active and looks real
Dante Alighieri
native of Florence; first well-known writer to create literature in native language;
The Statue of David
sculptures made by Michelangelo and Donatello; natural looking
Leonardo da Vinci
artist in Renaissance; studied anatomy (how bodies move)
Medici Family
wealthy patrons of Renaissance Florence; spent huge sums of money on palaces, paintings, and the Palazzo Medici (which was filled with artwork)
areas of study that focus on human life and culture, such as history, literature, and ethics
Medieval art
features: religious/often shows Jesus or saints, flat/2D, bright colors (red with gold background), larger than surroundings, always clothed; example: Madonna and Child
Italy's leading cultural center during Renaissance; located on the Arno River; a city-state;
Classical art
period: 500 B.C.E. to 500 C.E.; Greco-Roman; features:balance and harmony, little background or perspective, calm/no emotion/stoic, in motion/active
Niccolo Machiavelli
Florentine statesman and historian; wrote book: "The Prince" which is about politics and government
Lorenzo the Magnificent
member of Medici Family; patron of art and scholarship; ruled from 1469 to/and 1492 when he died
Italian poet, founder of humanism
Arno River
the city-state Florence was located on it; because of location became woolen-cloth trading hub for Europe
Girolamo Cardano
mathematician; interested in gambling, worked probability; solved complex equations in algebra
a form of government in which people elect representatives to rule in their name
a Florentine; one of the first sculptors to use new, lifelike sculpting style;
an independent state consisting of a city (Florence) and its surrounding territory

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