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Past English Multiple Choice


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In the short story "Everyday Use" what items did Dee's mother refuse to allow her to take
a. butter churn
b. african art
c. quilts
d. butter dish
What did Miss Brill do on Sundays?
a. visit relatives
b. people watch
c. listen to the band in the park
d. both b and c
In "Sin Eater" what did Joseph do for a living?
a. dentist
b. psychologist
c. pharmacist
d. none of the above
In Hunters in the Snow who shoots the dog
a. Kenny
b. Tub
c. Frank
d. The owner
In "The Lesson" what is Miss Moore trying to teach the students?
a. spend money wisely
b. You don't have to try to get what you want
c. work hard to achieve your goals
d. both a and b
Who does Phoenix come across during her trip?
a. grandson
b. hunter
c. no one
d. her sister
What kind of boat were the men on in "The Open Boat"?
a. barge
b. sail boat
c. ocean liner
d. lifeboat
What store did Miss Moore Take the children to?
a. Toy's r' Us
b. KB Toys
c. FAO Schwartz
d. Harrison's Candy Store
In "The Destructors" "t" asked Mr Thomas if he could see his house
a. so he could admire its beauty
b. So he could steal his money
c. So he could create a plan to destroy it
d. Kidnap Mr. Thomas
In A&P Sammy quits his job because
a. He doesn't like the way the manager treats him
b. he thinks the manager was rude to the girl
c. He wants to work at the mall
d. He thinks Queenie will want to date him
The name of Granny's dauther in "The Jilting of Granny WEatherall" is
a. Cristina
b. Colleen
c. Connie
d. Cornelia
The girl from "The Three Spinsters" was award for spinning what into yarn?
a. Her freedom
b. Money and riches
c. The Prince's hand in marriage
d. nothing
"The Masque of Red Death" seven rooms are symbolic of
a. the passage of time
b. death
c. luck and health
d. Both a and b
Who did Emily kill in "A Rose for Emily"?
a. Colonel Sartoris
b. her cousin
c. The Baptist minister
D. Homer
In A&P queenie came to pick up
a. a bag of chips
b. herring snacks
c. cold drinks
d. cheese
Granny wants to find George to tell him
a. that she loves him
b. that she still wants to get married
c. that she had his child
d. that she had a good life without him
The gang stopped Mr Thomas from entering his house by
a. locking him in the "loo"
b. Knocking him unconscious
c. telling someone stole his money
d. asking if he will play a game
What event led to the climax of "The Three Spinsters"?
a. The woman beating her daughter
b. the three women agreeing they will spin
c. the wedding
d. the groom declaring his wife will not spin
What was T's real name?
a. Tyler
b. Tyrone
c. Trevor
d. Taylor
Hint. He wasn't black.
How old is Granny Weatherall?
a. 60
b. 75
c. 100
d. 80
What did Emily believe she was exempt from?
a. offering to church
b. taxes
c. mortgage
d. heating bill
What did the Prince's name symbolize in the Masque of Red Death?
a. prosperity
b. happiness
c. evil
d. pleasure
In the story, In a Grove how is the murdered man say he died?
a. his wife killed him
b. he killed himself
c. tajomaru killed him
d. he was attacked by an animal
The Three women that helped the girl in the Three Spinsters were
a. her cousins
b. her sisters
c. her neighbors
d. none of the above
In the A&P the girls were wearing
a. jean shorts and tanktops
b. skimpy dresses
c. bathing suits
d. a g-string and a wet t-shirt
What did they call Mr. Thomas in The Destructors?
a. Old man
b. Mr Grumpy
c. Mr. T (I pity the fool!)
d. Old Misery
Time period of To Build a Fire?
a. 1920s
b. 1800s
c. 1850s
d. present day
What does the man in To Build a Fire think about doing with the dog?
a. eating it
b. warming his hands inside it
c. sending it for help
d. none
Why is Calixta nervous about Alcee being at the house in "The Storm"?
a. The once had a relationship
b. her husband doesn't like him
c. she thought he was dangerous
d. both b and c
What is NOT a Locale in "Barn Burning"?
a. wagon
b. general store
c. church
d. De Spain's house
Why was Petrus' FAther upset about his son's funeral in "Six Feet of the Country"?
a. they did not give him a good coffin
b. no one came to pay their respects
c. he couldn't be buried at the family plot
d. it was not the rig
In "The Drunkard" what did the family want the father to avoid"?
a. Holiday parties
b. funerals
c. poker games
d. family functions
Where do they make an announcement about the pocketbook in "The Piece of String"?
a. local pub
b. in the middle of the street
c. concert in town
d. a party
What does Evan dress up as in "you're Ugly Too"?
a. moon man
b. house wife
c. Fish
d. naked woman
Why does Zoe tell jokes in "You're Ugly Too"?
a. she thinks she is funny
b. she doesn't like being serious
c. she had a speech impediment
d. none of the above
In "The Guest" what does Daru do for a living?"
a. soldier
b. policeman
c. priest
d. school teacher

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