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Chapter 19 history


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After WWII, US was in what economicly?

Because of...

what's the problem?

1. bonds
3. Nuclear weapons
4. baby boom

Because of (1) and (2) strikes occured.

Truman's response was that he seized what industries?
1. inflation
2. Loss of WWI rights

-meat packing
-RR-->threatened to draft
46 congress favored who?
Taft-Hartley Act

and significance.
limits workers rights and stop strikes

passed over truman
Harry Truman's new deal:
2 goals
defeated (1)
outcomes (2)
civil rights & health care

1- coalition- elemnts of defferent groups (dixie crats and republican)

2-minimum wage-up
social security-up
urban renewal
48 election

goals of the progs. and dixis
rep- dewey
dem- truman
dixi- thurmond
prog- wallice

progs-friends with russsia
Truman's Executive order
no discimination in military
Cold war & Russia y US goals
A conflict usually without fighting between communists and non communists

US- containment
Russia- expand
Satelite nations
nations that are monitored but not controlled
Which are:
Albania, Bulgaria, Chzech, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Yugoslavia.
Yugoslavia was headed by
Truman Doctrine
money to Greece and Turkey
Marshal Plan

economic and political effect
aid to all europe

eco- rebuild W. Europe
pol- containment in W. Europe
Point 4 Progrmam
Financial and technical aid to underdeveloped nations

Goal and Who
1st peacetime defence paaaaaact--containment.

Canada, England, France, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, US, & W. Germany
Warsaw Pact
Russia and European Satellites
Domino Theory
Communists will spread everywhere and it will become easier- come into US.
Chinese Revolution
2 leaders and aid to them from who
Mao--> aid from Russia- creates red China

Chang--> aid from U.S. creates Nationalist China
Loyalty review board
Check for federal communists
Investigates (1)
leaders of HUAC and Actors union are (2)
1- hollywood
2- HUAC-nixon
Actors- Reagon
People in spying
Hiss- state dept. & Ethel and Julius Rosenberg
Wisconson Senator (1)
Fear of communism because (2)
1- McCarthy
2- Domino (red china)
General in Japan
-> goals in Japan
--> under hirohito create democracy
Korean War:
UN council's response (1)
Russia's response to UN (2)
1- send troops lead by McArthur
2- boycotted the UN
Limited War
limit weapons
Truman fires McArthur because (1) and is followed by (2)
threatened Civilian control on military

Quote made about the wrong war made by. He was the chiefs of staff
Omar Bradley

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