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according to the zhuangzi, taoists believe?
do not worry about worldy matters, instead meditate on nature
Oracle bones found at the capital city of shang dynasty signified?
system of writing developed during shang dynasty
language helped unify china because
written language was the same throughout the country
what happened in china during the warring states period of the zhou dynasty?
unified china, began construction of great wall
what was the basic appeal of budhism to chinese?
freedom from suffering
what are the basic principles of confucianism?
harmony will prevail if people accept their role in society and fufill their responsibilities to eachother
how does the zhou mandate of haven compare with the u.s. constitution?
they give legitimacy to form of government
what is the importance of civil servants during the han dynasty?
they needed the abiltiy to read and write
why were artisans and merchants considered lower in society rank than pesants?
this type of work considered unworthy
what are the beliefs of confucianism and taoism as they relate to government?
confucianisn = strong government, and taoism= weak government
how were women valued in chinese society?
women were valued but inferior to men
how do historians regard the sage kings and the 3 cultural heros today?
as mythical figures
what are the beliefs of legalism?
the original nature of man is evil needing numerous harsh laws
what made the quin dynasty significant?
unified china, began construction, repaired war damage, extended canal,

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