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World Cultures Final


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Mansa Musa
ruler of mali. expanded his empire. ensured peace and order
Kwame Nkrumah
organized strikes and boycotts to protest British rule. leader of ghana
\"Middle Passage\"
a vast forced Migration moving aftricans 1000s of miles away from home to be enslaved
Deng Xiao Ping
China\'s leader after mao and founded the Four Modernizations
Four Modernizations
called for modernizing agricuture, expanding industry, developing science and technology and upgrading China\'s defense forces.
Sun Yatse
served as president of the new republic of china. organized Guomindang (nationalist party) against the Qing Dynasty. Overthrown by a powerful general, Yuan Shikai.
one who sets up his/her own business using their own money
dissolving n washing away of the soil\'s nutrients by constant heavy rains
group of distant kinship who trace their descendant to a common ancestor
common agreement
system in which the government owns and operates major businesses and controls other parts of the economy
multinational corporation
huge business enterprises with branches in many countries
yellow brown soil that winds carry across north china plain into the yellow river
sphere of influence
area of a country in which a foreign has special economic priveleges such as the right to build railroads and factories
principle allowing westerners accused of a crime in china to be tried in a western-run court instead of chinese courts
totalitarian state
nation in which the government controls every aspect of citizens lives through a single party dictatorship
free market economic system in which the means of production are owned and operated by indiviuals for profit
industrial working class
collective farm
farm operated and managed under the government direction
community in which all property is held in common, living quarters are shared, and physical needs are provided in exchange for labor
system of government in which a small elite has a ruling power
mandate of heaven
chinese belief that heaven grants a ruler a mandate, or right to rule. in turn the people owe the ruler complete royalty and obedience
F W de Klerrk
South African president who lifted ban on groups opposing to apartheid
Nelson Mandela
first black president of south aftrica who spent 27 years in prison for opposing racial policies
pu yi
china\'s last emperor

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