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China Test Review


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Chinese dollar
How long is the great wall?
4,500 mi
how long is the silk road?
roughly 5,000 miles
how many provinces are there in China?
Imperial Authority is the start of what?
In one word describe the Chinese government
name two things that jade can stand for
courage, charity, perfection, justice, wisdom, and immortality
National language of China:
Mandrin Chinese
What did Confucius believe in?
kindness, care and that leaders should earn their jobs through education and talent, not through family connections or wealth
What did Shihuangdi search for?
a magic potion that would enable him to live forever
What do Chinese consider the giant panda a symbol of?
What do giant pandas eat?
what food is a staple to the Chinese diet?
what is one thing the Chinese were told to honor and respect?
What is the percentage of ethnicity in China?
90% Han and 10% other ethnic groups
what occupation are nearly half of China's population?
what river is the longest in all of China?
What things can we thank Shihuangdi for?
terra-cota soldiers and the great wall of China
What was the first dynasty?
What was the last dynasty of China?
Qing (lasted until 1912)
what was the Qin dynasty sometimes called and what significance did it have?
Ch'in this is probably how the name 'China' originated
what's one thing you should do to have a happy Chinese New Year?
Pay off all debts, do not sweep your house so good luck is not swept away with the dirt, don't break any dishes, wash your hair, Don't eat any food that is white because white is the color of death. 
When Shihuangdi died, and his son died which dynasty began?
where can jade be found in China?
mountains and riverbeds
which dynasty can we thank for the porcelin vases with blue designs?
Which dynasty emperors introduced the election system?
Which emperor invented the calendar based on the phases of the moon-zodiac? 
which goods were brought back to China?
gold, glass, horses, ivory and wood
Which goods were sent westward by Chinese traders?
silk cloth, silk thread, tea, spices, raw silk, jewels, and fur
Which part of China has alot of mountains? north, south, east, or west?
Who created unified China?
Who was the Great Wall built to keep out?
Mongols, Huns, Manchurians
Who were considered the greatest wall builders?
Who were the Yellow Turbans?
the Yellow Turbans forced the last Han dynasty emperor to resign due to the popular uprising

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