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Rise and Fall of Chinese Dynasties


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Shang rise to power
The shang took over eastern china and declared themselves the rulers
Shang fall from power
Attacked from the north and south by nomadic invaders.
Shang fall from power/ Zhou rise to power
Zhou teamed up w/ other nomadic invaders and took over Shang
Zhou Fall from power
The feudal lords had gotten too much power and weren't loyal to the king, so they rebelled and overthrough Zhou. After that for 500 years, warlords fought eachother
What was the Qin rise to power?
Near the end of the era of warring states, there were about 7 major states, qin was one of them. Qin took over the other ones
fall of qin/rise of han
Qin way too strict, so after 15 years there was a peasant rebellion lead by Liu Bang
Rise of the Tang dynasty
Also invaders, took over after 300 years of little different dynasties
Fall of Tang Dynasty
Emperors weak, so rebellion. Rebellion failed, but weakened tang more and opened it up to invaders and band of thugs. Powerful general killed emperor
Fall of Han Dynasty
Taxes too high, so rebellion. Many different little dynasties formed for 300 years.
Fall of Song dynasy/ Rise of Yuan
The Mongols took over northern china and the Jin empire, then took over Song
Rise of Song Dynasty
50 years of chaos after Tang. Finally Zhao Kuangyin seized power and declared new dynasty.

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