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deduction (n)
di duk shen
something subtracted from a total;a conclusion drawn from evidence

the company deducted 18% of the resources from the total amount.
inadvertently (adv)
in ed vur tnt le
unintentionally; by accident

I inadvertently hit my friends when I was sleeping.
dejected (adj)
di jek tid
depressed; downcast

the old man was dejected by how his son treated him.
extract (v)
ik strakt; (n) ek strakt
to pull out; to draw out; something that is drawn out(n)

Last night I extracted this little bird from snakes hole.
conducive (adj)
ken doo siv
contributing to; leading to

The men was conducive to his co-workers because he repects them.
perverse (adj)
contrary; determined not to do what is expected or right

My friends never perverse when I am drinking beer.
abduction (n)
ab duk shen

There are lots of abduction in the United States.
adversary (n)
ad ver ser e
opponent; foe

Red flag parties adversary of black hammer parties, when election starts.
transformation (n)
trans fer ma shen
a complete change

The yesterday package transformation was done this morning.
stature (adj)
stach er
level of achievement and honor; physical height;

I think my friend should be statured for what he has done for that kid.
retract (v)
ri trakt
to withdraw a promise or statement; to pull something back

I'll be very glad if the president will retract to attack iraq.
staus quo (n)
sta tes kwo
the existing conditions; present state of things

motions staus quo of the ball have same thing in potential matter.
circumvent (v)
sur kem vent
to avoid; to outwit

Student shouldn't do the circumvent the precious lecture.
eject (v)
i jekt
to force to leave; to expel

I told my friend to eject the floppy disk from the computer.
distraught (adj)
dis trot
crazy with worry

Without the a beer of bottle, I am in distraught all day.
staunch (adj)
faithful; firmly supporting;healthy; strong

humans do have staunch to living beings.
circumspect (adj)
sur kem spekt
cautious; careful; considering results of actions

Tibetans are not very circumspect when Red Chinese Army came to Tibet.
jettison (v)
jet i sen
To throw out forcefully; to throw overboard

the president got jettison because of his scandals.
tenacious (adj)
te na shes
firmly holding; gripping; retaining

Manget machines are tenacious to steal machines.
ab stan
not to do something by choice; not to vote

I don't like to abstain because politions are lair.
circumscribe (v)
sur kem skrib
to limit; to restrict; to enclose

These days post offices been circumscribe so early.
tenable (adj)
ten e bel
capable of being defended; logical

America can tenable any terrists missiles.
transcend (v)
tran send
to overcome; to go above limits

If you transcend 65mph on the freeway; perhaps cops after you.
transitory (adj)
tran si tor e
short-lived; existing briefly; passing

many ministers in India has transitory speech for the poor people.

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