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Is the Franciscana an marine dolphin or a fresh water dolphin?
Although the Franciscana is a fresh water dolphin, it may be found in marine waters.
How do dolphins communicate?
They communicate by making a sound like a whistle.
Does the Baiji dolphin live in the rivers or lakes of Brazil?
Of course not!It does live in rivers and lakes, but of China.That is the reason why it is sometimes called the Chinese Lake Dolphin.
What do Dusky Dolphins eat?
They eat a wide variety midwater of fish, squid, anchovies, and lantern fish.
Is the Black Dolphin (or Chilean Dolphin)really a poroise?
Although it may be confused with the spectacled and burmeister's porpoise,it is a dolphin.You can tell it apart from porpoises because of the dorsal fin.
What is the difference between a Hector's dolphin and a New Zealand dolphin?
There is no difference between a Hector's dolphin and the New Zealand dolphin. The Hector's dolphin is called by many names and New Zealand is one of them because it lives in the coastal waters of New Zealand.
Are Commersons' dolphin calves born with very bright colors?
No, they are born all grey,black,brown.
How can you tell a spinner dolphin apart from a Rough-Toothed dolphin?
The Rough-Toothed dolphin has a narrow dorsal cape that no other dolphin has.
What is a bottlenose dolphin?
A bottlenose dolphin is any of several dolphins with a rounded forehead and well-developed beak.
Where do Boto's live?
Boto's are river dolphins that live in the Amazon River.

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