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U.s. history test asd


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What book led to direct federal oversight of the meatpacking industry?
Upton Sinclare\'s \"the jungle\"
Teddy roosevelt called for immediate passage of the meat inspection act after....
Reading \"the jungle\"
What act called for the proper and correct labeling on food and drug products?
Pure food and drug act
Why did Jane Addams fund the hull house?
As a relief in housing for poor working families.
Plessy v. Ferguson established what in the U.s. education system?
The standard of \"separate, but equal\"
Jim crow laws were established, especially in the south to _______
Keep blacks from voting.
The NAACP was established by who? for what?
W.e.B. Du Bois. Called for equality among all races
What is a Muckraker?
journalist who exposed crime, corruption, and mistreatment of the people by big business.
Who exposed John Rockefeller Standard oil company?
Ida Tarbell
What did the progressive movement help to achieve?
17th amendment, 18 amendment, improved working and living conditions to the poor .
What did Teddy Roosevelt greatly expand?
National Park system in the US
The Chinese exclusion act was a direct result of?
Anti-Asian settlement
What movement called for overt favoritism for native born Americans in labor?
The nativists movement
U.S. expansionism was driven by what 3 things?
Thirst for new economic markets, U.S. desire for supreme power status, belief in AS culture.
The Roosevelt corollary built upon the concepts of ______
the Monroe doctrine.
The spanish american war nded with ___ ______ __ _____ ____
The treaty of Paris 1898
Why was the panama canal built?
to create a quick path to transport goods without having to travel around south America.
What was a result of the Spanish American war?
Cuba was liberated, and the U.S became a world super power
Was was proressivism\'s main goal?
Return the control of the government to the people.
who were helpful in the woman\'s right vote thing?
Elizabeth Stanton, Susan Anthony, Carrie Chapman.

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