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Geography 2.2


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Religion (3 points)
1.usually the part of a culture that is held onto the longest 2. Tends to be exclusive- unlike language. 3.Causes people to change landscape.
Religion spreads by
relocation and expansion diffusion.
a large and fundamental division of a religion
division of a branch that unties a number of local congregations
a relatively small group that has broken away from an established denomination
Indifference or rejection of organized religious affiliation. Belive people can create their own moral code without the rewards of an afterlife.
Universal Religions
Christianity, Islam, Budddhism.
Ethinics religions
Hinduism, Animism, Shintoism.
Characteristics of Universal Religions (6):
-Individual historical founder -message diffused widely -Attempt to appeal to people throughout the world and seek converts -Simple core belief -Followers are widely distributed -Holidays based on the events of the founder's life
Characteristics of Ethnic Religions (6):
-Content highly concentrated in place of origin -Meaning primarily to people in a particular place -followers are highly clustered -unknown origin -grow through natural increase -holidays are based on local climate and environment
to convert or attempt to convert as a proselyte; recruit.
Ethnic Group
People of common ancestry and cultural tradition, living as a minority in a larger society, or host culture.
Ethnic Traits (6)
Religion (Jewish), Place of Origin (Palestinian), language (Korean American), politics (Cuban refugees), folk culture (amish), shared history (gypsies).
Indigenous population
some groups were made ethn ic after losing autonomy to another group (Welsh/Navajo)
most ethnic groups arose as a result of migration from native lands to new places (voluntary or involuntary).
Ethnicity is determined by...
social relations between an individual (or group) and the larger social context (Chinese in Phillipines).
based on biological traits linked to ancestry
cultural traits passed down from generations.
the cultural modification of an ethnic group as its members learn the traditions and ways of living of the dominant culture. May result in loss of ethnic status.
A process in which both the host society and the ethnic subculture are altered through the interchange of customs and ideas (Columbian Exchange).

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