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What year was Louis Riel executed?
Where was the last spike driven into the Canadian Pacific Railway?
Craigellachie, British Columbia
Who was the military leader of the Metis?
Gabriel Dumont
Who was the leader of the Metis at the Battle of Seven Oaks?
Cuthbert Grant
What were men of the fur trade called?
Who was the man executed for treason?
Thomas Scott
What was there a lack of at Red River after the HBC sold the land to Canada?
What was a later invention on the Canadian West?
Repeating carbine
WHat month and year did Manitoba become a province?
July of 1870
What was the first steamer to reach Red River called?
The North Up
What are three modern day problems that face Railway?
1. Alternatives (Trucks) 2. Expensive to maintain 3. Poor passenger rate
What are 2 reasons why the Metis and Natives moved to North West Saskatchewan?
1. They wanted isolation 2. They were kicked out of Red River
What type of goods did Natives often appreciate?
Copper and metal goods
What is another name for dried smoked meat?
What religion were the Metis and what religion were the Canadians?
Metis were Catholic Canadians were Protestants
Which governor was the first governor dispatched to Red River?
Governor McDugal
Where was the first "skirmish" between the Metis and the Selkirk Settlers?
Seven Oaks
What was the land owned by the HBC and how much did Canada buy it off of them?
Ruperts Land, 1.5 million
What did Louis Riel fail to consider during the Battle of Batoche?
The Railway and the amount of troops
Governor ________ brought his _____________ to show that European women could live at Red River.
Simpson, European wife
How many men and how many teams of horses were used to work on the CPR?
10,000 men 1,700 teams of horses
John A. McDonald was accused of being what?
A drunk and a schemer
Where was the first HBC post?
York Factory
What were two native groups of the East Coast?
Mic Mac and Beotuck
How many sea otter pelts were traded annually on the West Coast?
What were the large trees of the West Coast called?
Douglas Firs
Who hired swiss soldiers to defend his Red River colonists?
Lord Selkirk
The most famous route to Red River was from where?
East Saint Paul, Minnesota
How many kilometers of railway track per day could the worked build?
10 kilometers
Where did Louis Riel come back to Red River from and what year?
Montreal, 1868
Who was the man in charge of railway construction?
William Van Horne
What were the 5 demands made by Louis Riel to the Canadian government at Red River?
1. Taxation 2. Government Reputation 3. Religion protected 4. Language rights 5. Land rights
What were some of the problems in constructing the CPR and why were the Chinese brought in?
- The Chinese worked for low wage - John A. MacDonald told the Chinese that they could live in Canada but it was a lie - Engineering was a problem - Terrain was difficult to build the railway on
What is a representative?
Someone we elect to represent us
What is Monarchy?
Queen as head of state
What does Democratic mean?
People have the vote
What year did the British North America act take place?
What year did the Canada Act take place?
What year did the Charter of Rights and Freedoms take place?
What year did Louis Riel leave Canada and where did he go?
1870, United States

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