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world history ap exam

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what are the five pillars of faith
fasting of ramaddann, hajj, prayer, faith, charity
what did the aryan conquerors bring to india
religous ideas
what period were the simple stone tools developed
how did expansion & conquest impact the aztec social system
from a loose association of clans, aztec society became more hierarchial
what was the main purpose of the taika reforms in japan
to remake the japanese monarch into an absolutist chinese style emperor
what was the major weakness of romes imperial government
the lack of determining emperor
what was the impact of the crusades on the christian west
technology, learning, military techniques
when did muhammad recieve his first revelations
610 ce
how did greek philosophers attempt to understand human nature?
rational obervation and deduction
sequence of korean dynasties
silla, koryo, mongol, yi
who was victorious in the hundred years war
the french
where was the greatest concentration of urbanization after the 10th century
italy and low countries
what was the umayyad attitude toward other religions
what groups were most responsible for the conversion of indians to islam
traders and suffi mystics
what was the major impact of alexander the greats conquests
spread of greek culture
what greatly influenced roan classic culture
greek culture and hellensitic
what did the ashikagashosuns whocame after the minamoto government, do?
drove the emperor from kyoto to yoshino and set up a puppet emperor in his place
how did the rise of the samurai in japanese society affect the peasants
reduced peasants to the status of serfs bound to the land they worked
how were the byzantine empire and china similar
there was an elaborate trained bureaucracy whose education was based on classical models in both countries
what was the most important result of greek colonization between 750 and 550 bce
established greek culture throughout the med
what did nirvana mean
union with divine essence
how did egypt differ from the meso civilization politically
well organized durable empires--lasted longer
what groups in india were most likely to convert to islam
buddhist and low caste hindus
how did buddhism differ from hinduism
buddhism recieved caste system
what caused the west to start exploration of new trade routes around 1400
technological barriers that had been a problem previously were overcome
what was the impact of the crusades on islam
very little impact
what was life like for women during the middle ages
more freedom, womens monastic groups provided an alternative, women sometimes played an important role in commerce, a growing literature stressed womens roles as assistants to an comformeters of men, they found new limitations on their condition
when the aztecs first settled in the valley of mexico, what was the initial form of governement
city states
were the political organizations more elaborate during classical civilization or river valley civilization
what was the function of secret societies in african culture
mountain stability within the community
what was the mandate of heaven designed to promote
loyalty to emperor centralization of power in the state, the remoteness of emperor from subjects explanation of the decline of dynasties
order of chinese dynasties after fall of han
which region was not affected by islam prior to 750 ce
south america
what was the difference between shii'is and sunnis
shi-leader should be direct descendant of muhammad sunni- descendant of dynasty
how did the tang rulers view the confucian scholar gentry
the tang supported the resuscitation of the confucian scholar gentry, often at the expense of aristocracy
how did qin legalist philosophy differ from the roman imperial law
rome relied on toleration and local autonomy
what was the initial response to muhammads new faith
threat to wealth and power
what civilization came before the aztecs in central mexico
the toltecs
where did the neolithic revolution first occur
high levels of technological innovations acted as what civ key key economic strength
how was italy able to emerge as the center of the early renaissance?
italy had closer contyacts with foreign scholars, particularly those in late byzantinium
what civilization produced the first writeen law code
how was rome able to expand successfully
disciplined trained army, rich agricultural economy, governement was flexible and tolerant, made city out of conquered elites
what forms of govt existed in the different greek city states
democracies, aristocracies, oligarchies, democracies
what religion did korean elite prefer
what social group was considered low in the standing in official chinese hierarchy
what type of political structure existed in the tigris and euphrates civilization
city states
what did the confucian and hindu values have in common
helped justify and preserve social inequality
what was the significance of the byzantine empire
the empires ability to survive for almost a thousand years, the importance of the empires capital at constantinople as a major urban center, the ability of the russian empire to spread its cultural and politcal influence on the balkans and southern russia, the empires keeping the memory and culture of the late roman empire alive.
what was the successor to muhammad called
how did the indian caste system serve as a political institution
enforced rules about social behavior
why was roman persecution of christians so ironic
their laws said they tolerated religions
how did the qin dynasty differ from the zhou dynasty
more centralized
in africa, what is a stateless society
lacking in concentration of politcal power and authority
where did the abbasid dynasty set up their capital
who was the muslim leader responsible for reconquest of christian territories
what was the social and political function of the griots
mastered oral ttraditons and king
what changes concerning women occured during the abbasid period
the harem, and the veil
what is the sahel
the grassland southof the sahara
what was the source of western vitalitly during the 1300 and 1400
the growth of cities and urban economies
how did chinas and classical indias social values differ
encouraged greater emotional spontaneity
what politcal system was common in both aztec and incan empires
trubute system
how did intellectual activities of medieval scholars differ before & after 1000
before 1000, scholars were limited to copying ancient texts, but after 1000 a greater synthesis of rationalism an theology was achieved
what characteristics are associated with the renaissaince
greater interest in nature and things of this world
what is the meaning of islam
how did geograpphy influence greek development
developed individual politcal traditions
what was the most important christian kingdomm in africa
what happened to the middle east after the fall of the abbasid empire and the mongols left
the emerging ottoam empire soon mastered most of the lands od caliphate, plus the byzantine corner
what was muhammad teaching concerning revelations of other monotheistic religions
accepted other monotheistic religions
what group captured baghdad in 1258

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