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china concepts


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Confucius' thoughts
government should be based on virtue or goodness, you should earn jobs through education and talent
Qin Shihuagdi
Believed that rich or poor could own land as long as he paid the land tax
The Chang Jiang
Farmers used CJ's watersto send their crops easily and cheaply to Pacific ports
Han & Qin accomplishmens
Han:scientific,art and cultural diffrences, creativity at home, expansion abroad, expanded borders, started colonies, discovered the"Silk road" Qin: constructed the Great wall of China,the book burnings, gained immortality, reached new standerds
The teachings of Confucius
Con. thought that there are 5 basic relationships,Family is the most important unit, Children should always be respectful to their parents
The Huang He
"China's sorrow" HH has destroyed property and taken the lives of thousands of people
Qin Many Systems
worker gets a salary;follows strict rules; answers to a superior
shang and zhou accomplishments
shang: walled cities, bronze, social classes, cowerie shells (used as money), and oracle bones (oracle a prediction of the future) zhou: feudalism and wider writing use
The Moutain ranges
mountain ranges made travel and communication more difficult
writing bridge barriers
writing helped unify china. Also writing helped the growth of china's unique culture
Under a feudal system, nobles own the farmland,which is worked by peasants
Zhous leader?
Zhou had lost much power, Needed hellp running China's vast lands
diffrences between Legalism, Moist, Doaist, Confuciunism
Moists- universal love, equal love for all people Legalism- peoplewere bad by nature, strict laws and punishment Doaists- best workers work quietly Confucianism-belief in moralbehavior & rule by good example
Confucious the teacher
His family belonged to the nobility; still they were very poor, Con. was an orphan, Became one of the greatest Chinese of his time
Qin's book burning
all books were usless in his mind except for books about medicind,agriculture, or prophecy
The Great Walls purpose
to keep out enemy invadors
he's Chinas greatest teacher,his teaching lay a basic idea, He lived at the end of the Zhou dynasty
Death for books?
government attackted writers and readers as well as their books,Hundreds of scholars who criticized were buried alive or punished in other ways
Qin dynasty
lasted 15 years, they were Legalists,believed in reward and punishment, Great rulers; still needed help
Ancestor worship
Chinese bieleved that their ancestors controlled every momnt of their lives, The dads were head of the house hold, kings made offerings to ancestors at religious ceremonies

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