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History 103 2


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One of the biggest results of the artistic experimentaation of the 1920's and 1930's was that
generally accepted standards that distinguished between "good" and "bad" art disappeared.
The work of Walter Gropius
embodied the architectural principle that form should follow function.
The term Bauhaus is associated with
A troubling economic problem in the 1920's was the depressed state of agriculture caused by
overproduction and falling prices.
By 1929 the price of a bushel of wheat was
at its lowest level in four hundred years.
On Black Thursday, 24 October 1929,
the US stock Market crashed.
At the lowest point of the Great Depression_____________% of US banks were out of business.
During the Great Depression most nations
practiced economic nationalism.
In response to the Great Depression, economist John Maynard Keynes
urged the government to expand the money supply and undertake public works to provide jobs.
Which of the following was not one of the chief actions of Roosevelt's New Deal?
tighten money supply
The Russian Civil War that broke out after the revolution was between
Reds and Whites
War Communism
was an unplanned course of nationalization.
Lenin's New Economic Policy of 1921
implemented free market reforms.
"Socialism in One Country" was the philoshpy of
The First Five-Year Plan was initiated by
The term fascism was first used by
The author of Mein Kampf was
Adolf Hitler
The 1935 Nuremberg Laws
deprived German Jews of their citizenship.
The Kristallnacht was
a Nazi arranged attack on thousands of Jewish stores.
Satyagraha was
Gandhi's philosphy of passive resistence.
Which of the following was not one of the foundations of Gandhi's philosphy?
heavy industrialization.
Muhammed Ali Jinnah called for the creations of
The May Fourth Movement
galvanized the Chinese against foreign interference
The Three Principles of the People was the political philosphy of
Sun Yatsen
Mao Zedong's main rival after 1925 was
Jiang Jieshi
The Long March
greatly streghtened Mao Zedong's leadership position
The Mukden incident
provided Japan with the excuse to send troops to Manchuria
The height of Japanese atrocity in China was reached at the Rape of
The weakness of the League of Nations was revealed in its inabiltiy to take any substantial action in response to the Italian invasion of
In 1938, Germany sent troops into ___________ and forced its leaders to accept the Anschluss
Adolf Hitler always spoke of the "November Crime" which was the
signing of the 1918 armistice.
The high point of appeasement was
the Munich Conference
The European part of WWII began with the
German invasion of Poland
The German blitzrieg referred to
a lightning war
The key to the Allied victories in Europe and Asia was
industrial capacity
The Japanese goal in the bombing of Pearl Harbor was
to weaken the US and establish a defensive Japanese perimeter in teh Pacific
The Normandy invasion
crushed German resistance in Europe
The US interventionist plan for containing communism was known as the
Marshall Plan
The Marshall Plan
was a US plan to rebuild Europe and stop Soviet expansion
NATO was designed to
be a regional military alliance against Soviet aggression
At a meeting of fifty nations at San Francisco in 1945
the United Nations Charter was signed.
Ideology, the two competing sides in the Cold war were
capitialism and communism
During the Cold War the US policy toward the Soviet Union was one of
The Warsaw Treaty Organization
was formed in response to NATO
The Korean War resulted in
such a terrible loss of life that the Soviets and Americans were force to reconcile their differences
In the Battle of Okinawa the Japanese introduced
kamikaze pilots
The Japanese finally surrendered in August 1945
after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
After the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich
the Nazis eliminated the entire village of Lidice
"Comfort women" were
Korean and Chinese women forced into prostitution by the Japanese
During WWII around ___________ million people perished.
Senator Joseph McCarthy is known for
his attempt to expose communists in the US government
Betty Friedan, in her book The Feminine Mystique, wrote about
how unhappy many American women were
In 1954 segregation in US schools was declared illegal in
Brown versus Board of Education
Charles de Gaulle's vision of a Europe free from superpower domination
lived on in the formation of the European Community
By the mid-1960's the Chinese were accusing the Soviets of being
The term Vietnamization
was supposed to mean turning Vietnam War over to the South Vietnamese.
Mikhail Gorbachev
never intended to abolish the existing Soviet political and economic system
When Mikhail Gorgachev discussed the opening of Soviet society to public criticism and admission of past mistakes he used the term
Mikhail Gorbachev was rescued from an unsuccessful coup by
Boris Yeltsin and some loyal Red Army units
It was ________who finally dismantled the Soviet Communist party and pused the country towards free market reforms
Boris Yeltsin

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