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World History Chap.12 Sec. 1


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Sui Dynasty
Dynasty after Han Dynasty. Greatest accomplishment: completion of Grand Canal (connected Huang He and Yangtze Rivers)
Sui Wendi
1st Emperor of Sui Dynasty. United Northern and Southern China. Restored a strong central gov't
Tang Dynasty
Dynasty ruled for 300 years. Empire expanded. Expanded networks of roads and canals. Prosperus Dynasty.
Tang Taizong
2nd Emperor of Tang Dynasty. Expanded the Empire. Reconquered the northern and western lands that China had lost in Han Dynasty.
Wu Zhao
Only woman ever to be emperor of China. Assumed title of emperor for herself. Extended China's influence over Korea.
Movable Type
Individual characters arranged in frames, used over and over.
A class of powerful, well to do people who enjoy a high social status
Manchurian people that conquered northern China and made Song Dynasty flee south.
herding domesticated animals
People who claimed to be desceded from a common ancestor
Ghengis Khan
Mongol clan leader who was a brilliant organizer; gifted strategist; used new weapons and technologies and used cruelty as a weapon.
Kublai Khan
Founded Yuan Dynasty. United China for the first time in 300 years. Improved trade; built palace in Beijing.
Marco Polo
Venetian trader who traveled the Silk Roads who served Kublai Khan's court.
Bone hard,white ceramic made of a special clay and a mineral found only in Chinese.
Foot Binding
Practice of wrapping feet at young age; wealthy prestigious women.
Treatment of inserting slender needles in the body at specific points.
dry wind swept plains
Mobile tent on wheels
Tropical cyclones
Divine Wind
City in Italy that Marco Polo was from.
Japan's earliest religion that means way of the gods.
one who rules on behalf of another
the code governing correct behavior and appearance
bodyguard of loyal warriors
Code that samurai lived by
Supreme general of the emperor's army.
Khmer Empire
The empire that ruled Southeast Asian mainland for centuries.
Angkor Wat
Largest religious sculpture made by the Khmer dedicated to the god Vishnu.
Koryu Dynasty
original name of Korea. Dynasty that ruled for four and half centuries.
Divine spirits of nature
People who worshipped the Sun Gods
Symbol of the Shinto
The sun goddess
Zen Buddhism
Buddhist meditation mixed with Shinto beliefs
Prince Shotoku
Japanese prince that tried to adopt Chinese model of government.
Where Japanese moved capitol to in 794.
Lady Murasaki
Woman of Heian court that wrote "The Tale of Genji"
Pol. system in which warlords used land given by shogun.
Minamoto Yoritomo
Leader given shogun title
military governor controlled by shogun.
Dynasty that ruled Sumatra, Borneo, and Java from the 7th to the 13th century.
Ly Dynasty
Dynasty of Vietnam that established capitol at Hanoi
Origin of modern Korea name
milky green glazed pottery
A southeast Asian Empire, centered in what is now Cambodia, known for its rice growing
Khmer Empire
A dynasaty that ruled what is now Korea from 935-1392AD. Known for its Celadon Pottery, Moveable Type, and it's use of a civil service system.
Koryu Dynasty
Floating magnetized needle that always points north or south. Used in navigation
Magnetic Compass
What led to the fall of the Tang Dynasty?
Tang rulers imposed crushing taxes in the mid 700's
What was the largest unified land empire in history?
The Mongol Empire
A test to get a government job?
Civil Service Examination
Why did Kublai Kahn favor Mongols and Foreigners for government posts?
Felt that foreigners were trust worthy and wanted people with no local loyalties
What was women's status during the Tang and Song periods?
Women were subserviant to men
Which civilizations did rice cultivation help prosper?
Khmer Empire and China
What was an enduring characteristic of Japanese government?
The ability to take another cultures idea, change it a little to make it uniquely their own
How did the Mongol conquest effect Korea?
Had to give 20,000 horses, clothing for 1 million soldiers, and many children and artisans were made slaves

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