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Soci 2


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What are the pivotal human institutions?
Family, education, religion
still important function in family?
reproduction, security, affection
one marriage between man woman
consist of mother father kids
nuclear family
_______caused the disintegration of extended families?
industrialization, urbanization, modernization
first religion preached montheism
What religions originated in India?
Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism ISLAM did NOT
Not a Christian denomination?
Polyandry means a marriage?
one woman more men
Buddhism spread to
China, Japan, Vietnam
Characteristics of state?
population, sovereignty, government, WAR Is NOT
who is head of parliamentary democracy?
Prime Minister
Which countries have Parliamentary system?
India, Japan, New Zeland, Philippines IS NOT
Main architect of Us Constitution?
James Madison
What branch of Government can declare War?
Congress only

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