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History Test 3: People


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Saddam Hussein
This Iraqi Dictator invaded Kuwait in 1990
Oliver North
This marine officer became a celebrity as a result of his involvement in the Iran-Contra affair
Geraldine Ferraro
She ws the first woman to ever run for vice-president on a major party ticket
Norman Schwarzkopf
This general was commander of US forces during the Gulf War
Ronald Reagan
Before entering politics, he was a sports announcer, lifegaurd, and movie actor
Colin Powell
He was chairman of the Join Chiefs of Staff during the Gulf War and later became the first African-American Secertary of State. He proposed the idea of the Powel Doctrine
Dan Quayle
George Bush's running mate in 1988 and 1992 , who had a hard time spelling "potato"
Michael Dukakis
he was governer of Massachustes and George Bush's democratic opponant in the election of 1988
George H.W. Bush
Before entering politics he was a WWII fighter pilot, Yale baseball player, envoy to China, and head of CIA
Willie Horton
This criminal committed murder while on a weekend pass in Massachusetts, leading to a famous negative political advertisement
Lech Walesa
This former political prisoner became president of Poland in 1990
Walter Mondale
Former VP and Democratic presidental in 1984 only won his home state of Minnesota
Sandra Day O'Conner
She was the first female justice on the supreme court
Mikahil Gorbachev
Became the political leader of the USSR in 1985 an served until the USSR collapsed in late 1991
John Hinckley
He tried to assasinate Reagan in 1981
Manuel Noriega
This dictator of Panana was arrested and brought to the USA for drug trafficking

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