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Civics Final 2


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what wouldn't be covered by freedom of speech?
threatening someone whom you think has commited a crime against you
_______ are freedoms to think and act without government interference or fear of unfair treatment
civil liberties
a president can kill legislation by doing nothing for 10 days , in a move known as
pocket veto
The Americans with disabilites act bans discrimination against persons with physical or mental disabilites ervery where except
private accomodations
The _____ is the clearest statement of the administrations plans and goals for the coming year
federal budget
what term refers to the process of members voicing their votes in turn as official records
roll-call vote
_____ believed in nonviolent resistance, or the peaceful protests of unfair laws
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
What is the basic goal of America foreign policy?
national security
A ___ is a previous case that gives guidence to other judges hearing similar cases
the right of the government to take away private property for public use is called _____
eminent domain
the job of the ____ courts is to review decisions made in the lower district courts
what is needed before a citizen can be put on trial for a serious federal crime?
an indictment
what s the indirect method we use to elect the president?
electoral college
By _____, the Supreme Court decides if a law is constitutional
judicial review
an appeals court can ______ a case, that is, send it back to a lower court
In Brown v. Board of Education, the justices ____
examine relevant past cases
When the 2 Amendment was written, a ____ was a small, local army made up of volunteer soliders
The supreme courts ruling on brown v. board overturned plessy v. ferguson and _____
ordered the intergration of schools
what term refers to police officers singling out people as suspects because of the way they look?
racial profiling
the house scedule and the terms for debate are controlled by the powerful ______
Rules Committee
The supreme court case roe v. wade legalized _____
abortion in america
which of the factors of changes in demand is illustrated by a new apartment building being built in an area?
changes in number of consumers
The U.S. postal service is a example of _______
a government corporation
The ___ Amendment protected the right of women to vote in all national and state elections
Which amendement forbids the torture of prisoners?
A state has as many _____ as the total number of its U.S. senators and representatives
electoral votes
The 24 Amendement prevents Southern states from using _____ to keep African Americans from voting
poll tax
What is an item that would not have elastic demand?
an item with few substitutes
What is the term for a court's authority to hear and decide cases?
Which of the amendements extended the suffrage and power of voters?
15, 17, and 26
what encouraged the hiring and promoting of women and minorities in fields that were traditionally closed to them?
affirmative action
the 2 amendement gaurantees the right to "bear arms" what does this mean?
own guns
according to the war powers act, the president must notify_____ immediately when troops are sent into battle
the fact that the first piece3 of pizza you eat gives you more satisfaction than the second or third is an example of the ________
diminishing marginal utility
with the principal of diminishing marginal utility we don't make a perchase if the extra costs are less than the additional benefits
the constitution requrires that the senate and house must pass a bill identical form before it becomes a law
regulatory boards and commissions do not have to report to the president
buyers demand different quantities of a good depending on the pricethe sellers ask
the civil service system is a spoils system
a good or service should have use for everyone
the profit incentive is one of the factors that modivates demand in a market economy
the vice president also serves as the president of the house of representatives
any bill that involves money must start in the senate
the president is the living symbol of the nation
the maximum length of time someone can serve as president is 10 years
buisnesses try to set prices at a level that allows them to cover thier costs
if both the president and vice president die the speaker of the house becomes president
unlike the individual supply curve, the market supply curve slopes upward
companies hope to sell to many people so they must take into account the individual demand for their product or service
the president plans the federal budget
congress can override a presidential veto with a 2/3 vote of each house
NASA is an executive agency
the senate, because it is smaller, has more rules than the house of representatives
in the u.s. prices are set by demand and supply
congress declared war on korea but not on vietnam
the supply curve is drawn by taking into account the other factors that change and affect supply
due o the large numbers of bills they recieve, committees vote on which bills get ignored and which get studied
the constitution give the First Lady very limited powers
when the demand curve is downward sloping it is telling us that we would not be willing to pay as much for a second item as we did the first
Government corporations were created to make a profit for the government
the president can't order troops into battle without the approval of congress
The federal court system has three levels with ______ in the middle
a _____ reviews the evidence against an accused person and decides if it warrants an indictment
grand jury
the ____ is supposed to be the most influence on a justices decision
americans are sometimes subject to racial ______ by law enforcement officers
the demand goods with very few substitues like pepper, elctriciy, or some medicines is likely to be ______
demand for a good in a particular market area is related to the number of _____ in the area
the 10 amendement prevents ____ and the president from becoming too strong
once appointed, federal justices may have their jobs for _____
cases involving foreign governments and ___ are automatically heard by federal courts
the constitution doesn't give the supreme court the power of ______ review
the supreme court ruled that _____ taxes were illegal in state elections
Dr. king believed in _______ resistance
if you cannot afford an ____ the government must provide one and pay his or her fees
____ courts are the only federal courts in which juries hear cases and reach verdicts
The _______ is made up of 8 associate justices led by a chief justice
supreme court
freedom of the ____ ensures that Americans are exposed to a wide variety of viewpoints
the law of demand states that price and quantity demanded move in ____ directions
the 4 amendement protects Americans against unreasonable ___ and seizures
American's unwritten _____ are protected by the 9 amendement
the demand for any product or service isn't the same over time. several ____ can cause market demand to change
the 13 amendement officially ended ____ in the United Sates
Free ___ refers to the spoken word, internet comunication, art, music, and even clothing
the agencies and employees of the executive branch
federal bureacracy
pardon for a group of people
rule or command issued by the president that has the force of law
executive order
where the president lives and works
white house
official representative of a country's government
a nation's overall plan for dealing with other nations
foreign policy
prohibits a group of nations from trading with a target union
requires president to notify cogress immediately when troops are sent into battle
war powers act
whom citizens select when they cast ballots in a presidential election
formal agreement between two or more countries
a formal change by a grand jury, accusing a person of a crime
money forfeited if the accusted person fails to appear in court
protected the right of women to vote in all natonal and state elections
19 amendement
money paid before casting a ballot; it's no longer legal
poll tax
freedom to think and act without government interference or fear of unfair treatment
civil liberites
protects Americans against unreasonable searches and seizures
4 amendement
a formal request
protects americans right to free speech, religion, assembly, press, petition
1 amendement
helped equalize the judicial branch with executive and legislative branches
marbury v. madison
authority ofa court to hear a case appealed from a lower court
appellate jurisdicton
cases involving this are automatically heard in federal courts
maritime law
written by a justice(s) who disagree with the majority's decision
dissenting opinion
a way an appeals court can decide on an opinion
previous, similar court case used as a guideline for a current case
only federal courts canhear and decide federal cases
exclusive jurisdiction
document that describes one side's position on a case
federal courts in which trials are held and lawsuits are begun
district courts
a court order that requires a person to appear in court
being singled out as a criminal because of the way you look
racial profiling
organized boycotts, marches, and demonstrations to promote the civil rights movement
Dr. King
rights of full citizenship and equality under the law
civil rights
following etablished legal procedures
due process
a crime involving spoken lies that harm a person's reputation
unfair treatment based on treatment against a certain group
court order allowing law enforcement officers to search a suspect's home or buisness
search warrant
the right to vote
forbids cruel and unusual punishment
8 amendement
guarantees accused person a trial by jury
6 amendement
encouraged the hiring and promoting of minorities and women
affirmative action
banning printed materials on films merely because they contain alarming or offensive facts
court calender for scheduling cases to be heard
offers a detailed explanation of the legal thinking behind the court's decision
reviews decisions made in lower district courts
appeals court
a court's authority to hear and decide cases
particular geographical area covered by an appeals court
disagreements between their governments are resolved in federal courts
process by which the supreme court decides if a law is constitutional
judicial review
latin term which means let the decision stand
stare decisis
states the facts of a case, announces the ruling, and explains the court's reasoning
majority opinion
when a case can be heard in either a state or federal court
concurrent jurisdiction
president's most important speech to congress each year
state of the union address
makes and enforces the rules for a certain industry or group
regulatory boards
follows the vice president in succession to the presidency
speaker of the house
indircet method for electing the president
electoral college
declaration of forgivenessand freedom from punishment
agreement between the president and the leader of another country
executive agreement
efforts to punish another nation by imposing trade barriers
trade sanctions
delays a person's punishment until a higher court can hear the case
practice of hiring government workers through examinations and merit
civil service system
basic goal of the American foreign policy
national security
formal statements expressing lawmakers'options or decisions
unrelated amendements that are tacked on a bill
to talk a bill to death
a senate procedure under which no one may speak for more than an hour
people with a common interest who try to influence government decisions
special-interest group
name 7 continents
north america, south america, europe, asia, africa, australia, antartica
tallest mountain, what countries surround it, and name of its mountain range
mount everest; nepaul, china, india; himalayas
capital of france
capital of britian
capital of germany
capital of japan
capital of russia
capital of india
new delhi
capital of china
capital of iraq
capital of eygpt
capital of isreal
capital of south korea
what/ where is the Dead Sea
lowest point on earth, 10 times saltier than the ocean, located by jordan and isreal
mountain range that separates asia and europe
ural mountains
religion in india
religion in middle east
religion in china
religion in western europe

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