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ADV318J ch17


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Altoids strategy
using out-of-home as sole media to reach elusive target in 12 markets
role of sales promotion is to elicit ____.
an immediate purchase
Gillette found the key to effective p-o-p was ____.
careful coordination with the marketer's sales force
consumer market sales techniques
coupons, price-off deals, premiums and specialties, contests and sweepstakes, sampling, phone and gift cards, rebates, and frequency programs
sales promotion definition
the use of incentive techniques that create a perception of greater brand value among consumers, the trade, and business buyers
packaged described as ___.
"the last 5 second in marketing"
point-of-purchase advertising
dramatic growth in expenditures plus research indicating how it works
5 purposes of sales promotion
1) stimulate short-term demand 2) encourage brand switching 3) induce trial use 4) promote price orientation 5) obtain immediate, often measurable results
YP directories continue to produce something that has been hard to find out the web
ex: Gap jeans billboard on side of building
illustrates out-of-home ad that is noticed and conveys the brand image
as a %age increase year-to-year, ____ has been growing at about a double ____.
sales promo; advertising
wonderful creative examples of guerrilla marketing
Ikea's strategy in China and Germany (apartment elevators, train stations)
p-o-p adv
materials used in the retail setting to attract shoppers' attention to a brand, convey primary brand benefits, or highlight pricing information
3 types of sales promotion
1) consumer-market promo 2) trade-market promo 3) business-market promo
4 objectives for promotions to the trade
1) obtain initial distribution 2) increase order size 3) encourage cooperation with consumer-market sales promo 4) increase store traffic
5 risks of sales promo
1) creating a price orientation 2) borrowing from future sales 3) alienating customers 4) time and expense 5) legal considerations
as illustrated in the "milk chug" packaging, packaging can make:
a strong positive contribution to promotional efforts
ex: 2 largest categories based on the percentage of purchases with coupons
disposable diapers and ready-to-eat cereal
conclusions about the threat of internet to Yellow Pages directories
consumers still want old-style YP; internet has become more of an opportunity than a threat to YP
guerrilla marketing
edgy, often inexpensive promotional initiatives executed in major urban markets
sales promotion intent
to generate a short-term increase in sales by motivating trial use, encouraging larger purchases, or stimulating repeat purchases
6 basic objectives of sales promo
1) stimulate trial usage 2) stimulate repeat purchases 3) stimulate larger purchases 4) introduce a brand 5) combat or disrupt competitors' strategies 6) contribute to IBP
6 reasons for the shift from mass media adv to sales promo
1) demand for greater accountability 2) short-term orientation 3) consumer response to promotions 4) proliferation of brands 5) increased power of retailers 6) media clutter
ex: Horst's "Bow Wow" Billboard
minimal verbiage--a key success with billboard/outdoor adv.
5 purposes of advertising
1) cultivate long-term demand 2) encourage brand loyalty 3) encourage repeat purchases 4) promote image/feature orientation 5) obtain long-term effects, often difficult to measure

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