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Exectuive order 9066
feb 12 1942
relocated japanese into war camps
europen theatre
april 12th
general eisenhower
operation torch
nov 8 1942
operation husky
july 1943
operation shingle
june 1944
op overlord
june 6 1944
liberate france

battle of the buldge
december 1944
german offensive
allies win!

battle of germany
april-may 1945
april 30= hitler suicide
may 8th= germ surrenders= v.e. day

pacific theatre
battle of the coral sea
may 1942
1st time, stop japan
aust. india

battle of midway

june 1942
failure for japan
island hop
strategy to defeat japan
jul 44
marianas island
jun 1945
july 16 1945
test bomb in new mexico
"little boy"
uranium bomb
aug 6 1945 hiroshima, japan
"fat man"
aug 9 1945
nagasaki, japan
divided germany
potsdamn conference
july 1845
poland = russia
harry truman
atomic bomb
truman doctrine
marshall plan
national security
fair deal
election of 1948
blockade of berlin

truman doctrine
will not overthrow established communist country but will do everything short of war to stop it
marshall plan
secy of state marshall
1.3 bill
1. stable economics

national security
marshall plan
dep of defense
spy agengy- CIA
superior weapons
-hydrogen bomb
NATO- north atlantic treaty org
mutual defense pact

fair deal
21 point program
keynesian economics
massive sepdning to pull out of depression


election of 1948
turman wins against dixiecrats and repubs- dewey "lassez faire"
strom thurmond
blockade of berlin
us blockaded berlin
airlifted supplies

north korea
korean peoples republic
south korea
republic of korea
38th parallel
the dividing line between north and south korea
general macarthur
gets 40 miles away form china
china takes it as an act of war
believes in total war
fired by truman

Nationalist People’s Party of China
nationalize and industrialize

chiang kai-shek
GI bill of 1944
1. Priority in jobs
-1946- Dr. Spock “Common Sense: Baby and Child Care”
2. Educational benefits
3. Low interest home mortgages

William Levitt
- pre-build homes (assembly line of homes)
Interstate highway act of 1956- (national security)
Eisenhower; quick mobilization of troops and ammunitions
Fast-food, motels

Eisenhower Republican 1952 & 1956
VP Nixon
Decreased taxes, fed govn’t
Get rid of govn’t price regulations

NAACP (National Association Advancement of Colored People)
saftey valve theory
Plessy v. Fergusson

“Separate but equal”
McLaurin vs. OK
University of OK grad school of education
McLaurin wins

Sweatt v. Painter
1950- Not accepted into Univ. of Texas Law School only on the grounds of his race
Sweatt wins

Brown v. Board of Ed. of Topeka
Brown wins because of Earl Warren
Brown II – 1955
School boards have to submit their desegregation plans to a federal judge for approval

Prince Edward county Virginia-
abolish public schools instead of segregation

Gave students vouchers to attend private schools- priv. schools choose who they want and don’t want

Gov. Orville Faubus (AK)

1957-Little Rock, AK
Central H.S.
Calls out National Guard to block all African Americans to enter the school

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