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us history 1


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who was the new world was named after him
Amerigo Vespucci (Spain)-
who reached india by boat
Vasco Da Gama (Portuguese)-
who made 4 voyages to New World, sought westward route to China across Atlantic
Christopher Columbus (Spain)-
who wanted to locate tip of Africa and water routes (country)
what country sought westward route to china across Atlantic and gold
what country seeking northwest passage and furs
what country was seeking colonies
who started a school of sailors with goal to locate tip of Africa
prince henry the navigator (portugese)
who defeated Aztecs in Mexico and central America defeated
Cortez (Spain)-
who defeated the Incas
Pizzaro (spain)
who did this St. Laurence seeking northwest passage
⬢ Jacques Cartier (France)-
who founded Quebec =New France
⬢ Samuel De Chaplain (France)-
Hudson River seeking North West passage
⬢ Henry Hudson (Dutch
1575 circum navigate west canada
⬢ Sir Francis Drake (England
who colonized jamestown
⬢ John Smith (England)-
jamestown FACTS
located in Virginia in 1607 by John Smith & John Rolfe “Virginia Company of London”=Tobacco
plymouth facts
located in Massachusetts, separatists mayflower William Bradford/miles Standish
massachusetts bay colony facts
puritans, John Winthrop, intolerant, city on a hill, utopia
⬢ Rhode Island- facts
Rodger Williams (Anne Hutchinson’s recognized rights for Indians complete religious toleration
toleration act haven for English Catholics
pennsylvania facts
William Penn, Quaker and German Mennonites treated indians with most respect
delaware facts!
governed by Pennsylvania
georgia facts
known for convicts and debtors
natural rights; life liberty and prosperity
social contract ;revolution
seperation of powers
what does the Magna Carta say
King John agrees to recognize rights of subject and live under the Rule of Law
what does the English Bill of Rights do"?
ensured rule of parliament, free speech, press, religion, elections
who was the first legislature congress and elected legislature=popular sovereignty
virginia house of burgessess
what compact says contract= agreement to enact just and equal laws for general good of the colony
mayflower compact
what was the first written constitution for america?
connecticut fundamental orders in 1636
what gives freeedom of religion for all catholics and protestants?
the maryland toleration act
what established FREEDOM OF THE PRESS "truth is always a defense of criticizing press(libel)"
new york zenger trial
what did the half-way covenant allow?
participation in church and politics without declared faith or membership
the three factors for independence is what?
the frontier, salutary neglect, and great awakening
what does the "frontier" do
distances and hardship forced them to be self reliant and raise militia
what does the salutary neglect do?
allowed self government and uniqueness to each colony
what did the great awakening do?
broke dependence on centrallly organized religion by; stressing personal accountability=toleration
incas are located were?
aztecs are located where?
the mayans are located where?
central america
songhai is located where?
what battle did the british win
new york
moral rose after this battle happened
france was convinced to support war fully after this war
end of revolution and treaty of paris was signed confirming US independence this all happened after what war?
what did columbus do and how did it happen?
he seekd fame and fortune and wanted to spread christianity and he brought DISEASES
conquistadores were wanting want and how did it happen?
they wanted gold and silver and they got it by SPREADING DISEASES
spanish what did they want and how did they get it
came to convert- separation from families and culture forced to provide labor
info about JAMESTOWN
Englishman-searching for money-bad relations with Indians
info about Massachusetts
wanted to reform the church and eliminate Catholicism- first relationship was good then turned bad and had arguments with Indians
info about new netherlands
Dutch, German. French- expand fur trade and build colony-had good relationships with everyone
info about pennsylvania
English Quakers-establish good fair society of equality-mutual respect encouraged friendship with Indians
what was the great awakening?
religious movement and key figure was Jonathan Edwards
this was an intellectual movement and the key figure was ben franklin
the enlightenment
this act happened first and it helped fun French and Indian war
Stamp act
this happened second and helped increase revenue
townsend act
this act happend third because they had an overwhelming amout of tea the british needed to sell
the tea act
this act was directly targed at boston for the boston tea part it resulted in lexington and concord
intolerable acts

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