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American History Semester I final


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Settlement houses were founded in the late 1800s by...
social reformers
All of the following countries came under some form of U.S. control as a result of the Spanish-American War except...
The Roosevelt Corollary built upon the...
Monroe Doctrine
All of the following stimulated U.S. imprerialism except...
a need for a new source of cheap labor
While Cuba was in rebellion, Americans were angered bby a letter (delome) from the Spanish minister to the United States that accused McKinley of being...
The Open Door policy was designed by President Theodore Roosevelt as a way fot the United States to further...
its trade interests
The United States gained control of the land it needed to build the Panama Canal by...
encouraging and supporting Panamanian independence
When cultures come together in America this is considered...
a melting pot
The Roosevelt Corollary was meant to...
discourage European interference in the western hemisphere
Which of the follwing is true of the Chinese Exclusion Act?
it decreased Chinese immgration`
The United States first instituted the Open Door Policy in...
What did Hawaii, Cuba, PUerto Rico and the Phillipines have in common?
They were all forced to submit to U.S. authority
He asked Congress to declare war on Spain
William McKinley
Soon after it was destroyedm the United States declared war on Spain.
U.S.S. Maine
It criticized the American president, causing American public opinion to turn against Spain
De Lome Letter
This natin gained its independence in thie Spanish-American-Cuban War
Printing sensational exaggerated stories designed to sell newspapers
Yellow journalism
Invented the typewriter
Christopher Sholes
Invented the telephone
Alexander Graham Bell
Developed an efficient technique for transforming iron into sttel
Henry Bessemer
Introduced an efficient means of retieving oil from beneath the earth's surface
Edwin Drake
Perfected the incandescent light bulb at his reseach laboatory in Menlo Park, New Jersey
Thomas Edison
Developed an entire system for producing and distributing electrical power and organized power plants around the nation
Thomas Edison
Who was a labor union organizer? (may be more than one answer)
Eugene V. Debs, Mary Harris "Mother" Jones
At which place did a tragedy occur that led new York authorities to establish strict rules about fire codes, working hours, child labor, and other worker-related issues
Triangle Shitwaist Factory
Which was a technique used by labor unions in the lat 19th century to win workers' rights? (may be more than one answer)
arbitration, collective bargaining
Which of the following most freed manyfacturers from restrictions on where factories could be built?
Which of the following did Social Darwinism discourage?
Government regulation
Andrew Carnegie gained control of a large percentage of the steel industry by doing all of the following except...
Cutting the quality of his products
In which of the following places did 150 female workers die in a fire?
The triangle shirtwaist factory
In the late 1800s collective bargaining was a technique used to
win worker's rights
During the latee 1800s, scabs were unpopular with other workers because scabs were
part of management
The use of standardized time that utilized time zones was introduced in order to benefit
railroad companies and train travelers
The term scabs is used to describe workers who
pledge not to join unions
How did the Sherman Antitrust Act affect labor unions?
it restricted the types of actions that they could take
John D. Rockefeller made his millions in
The obber barons of the late 1800s were
powerful industrialists
A leader of the miners union
Mother Jones
Negotiation between groups
collective bargaining
Head of Standard Oil Company
Situations in shich one company controlled an entire industry
Theory that taught only the strong survive
Social Darwinism
Immigrant who became a giant in the steel industry
Railroad that crosses the entire country
Sleeping car inventor
George Pullman
Banker who bought out Carnegie Steel
Laws that oulaws trusts
Sherman Anti-trust act
Created time zones
railroad times
System based on government control of buisiness and property
Corporation formed by seperate
Goals of Progressive Reformers
Protecting social warefare, promoting moral improvement, creating economic reform, fosforing efficiency
Upton Sinclair, The Jungle
about poor working conditions in the meat packing industry led to the Meat Inspection Act
Roosevelt mediated between labor and business leaders
collective bargaining
Federal Reserve Act
national banking system established 1913, that controls the U.S. money supply and availability of credit in the country
Sixteenth Amendment authorizes income tax
proviede revenue by taxing individual earnings and corporate profits
First Flight
Wright Brothers make first heavier than air flight
Scientific Management
The application of scientific methods to increase efficiency in the workplace
*this is one of the inspirations for the creation of assembly lines at the Ford Motor Company
the right to vote
WWI Allies
a group of nations orginally consisting of Great Britain, France and Russia and later joined by the United States, Italy and others that opposed the central powers
Central Powers
the group of nations led by Germany ,Austria-Hungary and the Otooman Empire that opposed the Allies in WWI
"No Man's Land"
an unoccupied region between opposing armies
Trench Warefare
military operations in which the opposing froces attack the counterattack from systems of fortified ditches rather than on an open battlefield
Zimmerman Note
a message sent in 1917 by the German forign minister to the German ambassador in Mexico, proposing a German-Mexican alliance promising to help Mexico regain Texas, New Mexico and Arizona if the United States entered WWI
Each nation wanted to keep its armed forces stronger than those of any potential enemy
*competition for international trade led to a naval arms race
*Major countries strengthened their navies to protect their shipping routes
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Heir to the Austrian throne, assasinated by teenage working for the serb "black hand"
A british Passenger ship that was sunk by German U-Boat in 1915
Causes of WWI
Militarism, system of Alliance, Imperialism, nationalism
How long did WWI last
four years, from 1914-1918
How many nations were involved in WWI?
30 from six different continents
How many deaths were there in WWI?
about 15 million
How much did WWI cost?
$350 billion
Nationalism (cause of WWI)
desire for freedom and self determination, ethnic groups banded together
Imperialism (cause of WWI)
The major Powers of the world (Germany, Japan, Great Britain, France and Russia) were competing for colonies to add to their empires
System of alliances (cause of WWI)
All of these mutual hostilities, jealousies, fears and desires led the nations of Europe to sign traties of assistance with one another
Triple Entente (WWI)
allies - France, Great Britain, Russia
Triple Alliance (WWI)
Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy
Central Powere came about (WWI)
Germany, Austria-Hungary and Turkey
Espionage and Sedition Acts
obstructing the sale of government bonds, or saying disloyal, profane or abusive about the government or the war effort
Neutrality in WWI
Americans had sympathy for Great Britain and France byt still wanted to remain neutral
German U-boats and convoy system
German u-boat attacks decreased due to the change in tactic where ships gathered together for protection
Selective Service act
required men to register with boards
used to motivate the public to support the war effort
Women in WWI
took jobs that men drafted had left behind
The Great Migration
describes the mass migration of African Americans from the southern United States to the industrial centers of the Northeast and Midwest
President During WWI
Woodrow Wilson
manufacture, transportation, import, export, and sale of alcoholic beverages were restricted or illegal
Prohibition- changes in American Society (name three)
generated disrespect for the law, organized crime, speakeasies
Public was determined to avoid taking sides
Free thinking woman who embraced the new fashions and urban attitudes of the 1920's
Harlem Renaissance
black cultural movenment music, literature and stage
Scopes Trial
Scope taught evolution in his biology class which led to his arrest with the rolw of science and religion in public schools
1928 Presidential Election
Herbert Hoover vs. Alfred E Smith

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