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Global History


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Ancestor Worship
ancient Chinese worshipped their ancestors.

Pax Romana
meaning Roman Peace. It was a 200 year span when Roman rule kept peace & order from the Euphrated River in the East to Britian in the West.

The first people in ancient civilization to believe in one God.

political unit made up of a city & the surrounding lands.

The Silk Road
is the trade route that linked China & the Middle East. It streached for 4000 miles.

King of ancient Babalone. He created the 1st book of rules called the "code of Hammurabi." It had harsh punishments. Eye for Eye

Yellow River
also known as Huang He Valley. Ancient chinese Civilization started here. This was a fertile farming area in China.


Belief in one God

Systim of government in which officals are chosen by the people.

Tigris &
Euphrates Rivers
Mesopotamia is between the two rivers in the fertile cresent. Stone age farmers first settled here. Civilizations formed in the area & tried to control the flooding waters to use for farming.

Nile River
Located in Egypt. Fertile land where Stone age farmers settled. Every year the river overflowed & supplied people with water & silt(soil)to grow crops. People built dikes, reservoirs, & irrigation ditches to control & save water.

Fertile Cresent
Arc shaped band of fertile land that runs from Persian Gulf to Mediterranean Coast. Tigris & Euphrates Revers run parallel to it.


Belief in many gods

Huang He River
("River of Sorrow")
River in China that was necessary & vital for farming & survival. River would fill with loess (yellow soil) & the river would overflow. Then it would destroy crops & couse starvation. Dikes were built & constantly repaired to prevent this.

Seasonal wind in India. winter ils hot and dry and the summer brings rain.

must consist of these
2.well organized government
3.complete religion
4.specialized jobs
5.public works
8.written language

Philosophy created by Hanfezi of China. He believed that all men were evil & that greed motivated them to do bad. He believed that strict laws & punishments were the only way to keep peace.

government under which one ruler has complete authority

system of ideas

government where a king or queen has central control.

India religion that developed & combined from many other religions to become one. they believe in Karma which is if you live a good life you will be reborn to a greater life, but if you are bad then you will have a worse life.

ancient tombs to honor dead

A scholar named Confucius in China developed this philosophy. He taught that when people accepted their place in society, then there would be harmony. Ex. wife respect husband, son respect father, children respect elders.

government which is headed by privileded minority, or upper class.

The Caste System
Strict class structure, based on ancient India's beliefs. You are born into a social group of which you can never leave.

Alexander the Great
King of Macedonia at age 20. A great soldier who conquered most of Persia & headed into India. He died young but brought the Greek culture into the Mediterranean World & blended it into eastern culture. This is called Cultural Diffusion!

The Torah
Ancient books of religions beliefs.

The Coliseum
ancient Rome building where gladiators fight chariot races and other games were held.

Strong ruling family.

The Parthenon
ancient Greek acropolis.

Civil Service Exams
During the Han Dynasty in China these exams were invented to allow equal opportunity of all men regardless of wealth to get a government position. These tests were used for 2000 years to pick men for government positions.

government where the people hold the ruling power.

Chinese religion created by Laoz. Believed that people shold yield and live in harmony with nature. Believed government was unnatural & caused problems.

Religion adopted by the Chinese. Came from India. It stressed honoring monks & nuns & that all people had a chance at salvation through prayer and good work,

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